Steven Smith

Steven Smith is in many ways an ordinary man. He's incredibly proud of that as well. He has a penchant for rural landscapes that's been with him since he was a young boy. Staring at the magnificence of the countryside has enchanted the Los Angeles, California resident for years and even decades.

Steven was born in the autumn of 1961. That may explain his adoration of the outdoors. He's always said that nothing can beat the feeling of crisp autumn air. His grandmother's specialty was pumpkin pie a la mode, too. That dessert always reminded him of the sheer marvels of the fall season.

He previously was employed as a game and fish warden. He made the decision to retire on his own. He relishes the freedom that retired existence has to offer him. He devotes hours and hours on end to his idyllic farmhouse. This gives him the opportunity to take part in all of the activities that make him feel so fulfilled and content. He maintains all sorts of delightful farm animals, first and foremost. He sets up ponds. He does a lot of gardening as well. This man has always had an undeniable green thumb to his credit.

Steven isn't just an outdoorsy individual. That's because he also is enthusiastic about comparatively "indoor" pastimes such as reading and writing. He likes to keep track of all of his gardening efforts and missions. That's why he established this site and writes pieces for it on a frequent basis. Steven realizes that jotting down his thoughts keeps them fresh and vivid inside of his mind. He absolutely despises forgetting things. It doesn't matter if it's about a brand new gardening device, an innovative gardening method or even a striking plant. Steven is fond of documenting any and all of the gardening discoveries that come his way daily.

This avid gardener is happily married. Luckily, his wife is just as enthralled by gardening and the outdoors as he is. That's yet another thing that motivates him to work on this website so often. Mrs. Smith regularly tells him just how much she enjoys reading his articles about farming and gardening. She says that his advice helps her make solid gardening choices as well.

There are so many things that make Steven tick. He cherishes gardening and the clarity it gives his brain. He does a lot of thinking any time he's alone in his backyard gardening. He stares up at the wonders of the daytime sky. He puts his hands deep down into the rich soil. Connecting with nature is and has always been something that has made Steven feel whole. It's something that he finds extremely enriching.

Steven has an abundance of friends who share his commitment to gardening. He meets with them frequently in order to exchange suggestions. They give each other constructive comments all of the time. Nothing excites Steven more than the possibility of honing his gardening abilities. Gardening never bores him even for a minute. Steven's Blog the smartpicker talks all about pest control and the relevant products to help you.You can follow him and connect with in the social media as well. He is available in twitter,
pinterest and instagram

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