Best Bed Bug Powders of 2019 – Complete Review

Bed bugs can seem impossible to fight and get rid of. You can try all-natural and artificial remedies to get rid of them, but they take a lot of time and effort to be completely eradicated.

For this reason, we need to select certain bed bug removal powders with lots of care and thought. Don't waste money and time on a product that does not work or does its job effectively.

To help you out, we have compiled essential information on our top picks of the best bed bug powders on the market. 

Comparison Chart of the Bed Bug Powders


Safer Diatomaceous Earth

  • Kills bugs within 48 hours
  • Contains 4 pounds of powder
  • Best overall featuring a resealable bag
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Rockwell CimeXa Insecticide Dust

  • Weighs about 6 ounces
  • Bottle has a nozzle for application
  • Runner-up that features 4 ounces of powder
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Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Dust

  • Kills insects on contact
  • Weighs about 10.1 ounces
  • 8 ounces of net content makes this the best for the money
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Harris Bed Bug Killer, Diatomaceous Earth

  • Weighs about 2 pounds
  • Net contents of the package are 2 pounds
  • EPA-registered makes this the best from Harris
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JT Eaton Crawling Insect Powder

  • Can kill all crawling insects
  • 1-year warranty makes this the best from JT Eaton
  • Features diatomaceous earth as the active ingredient
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Are All Bed Bug Powders The Same?

In general, you will find 2 different types of bed bug powders -- chemical and natural powders. Chemical powders are artificially made by the use of different chemicals to create a certain level of toxicity that gets rid of the bed bugs. Meanwhile, natural powders are made using natural resources such as minerals and resources mined from the earth.

A flower called the chrysanthemum produces a "dust" that is used to kill bed bugs. On the other hand, chemical powders use formulated, processed ingredients and form a toxic powder to kill the bugs. 

What to Look For When Buying Bed Bug Powder 

When you are buying a bed bug powder, there are a number of features and qualities you will find across different products. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the following features are present in the product you are choosing to buy: 

Safe For Other Pets and Kids

The powder should be toxic enough to kill the bed bugs. However, its toxicity should not affect you or the pets in your house. You come in contact with your bed frequently on any given day; therefore, you need to make sure that the product is safe for you to breathe around. Kids are also vulnerable to such chemicals and toxic powders, so a good bed bug powder should be safe for use with pets and kids at home.

Long-lasting Effect

Bed bugs take a lot of time to get rid of. Therefore, the best one has a long-lasting effect. It should not be a short-term effective product and should give satisfactory results for a long time. Relapse is pretty common with poor-quality bug powders, so make sure to go through customer reviews and brand reputation to find out how long-lasting a product is. 

Easy to Use 

The packaging and application of the powder should be easy and safe. Convenient packaging is a very important feature that makes up a great quality bug powder. The ease of use will not only get rid of the bugs but will also add great value to your money. 

Good Quantity 

If the quantity of powder is low, you will have to make repetitive purchases, which will consequently cost more and represent more of a hassle. Therefore, make sure to check the quantity of the powder before buying it. 

Quick Take - Best Bed Bug Powders

In a hurry? Here are the best bed bug powders:

  1. Safer Diatomaceous Earth
  2. Rockwell CimeXa Insecticide Dust
  3. Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Dust

Review of the Best Bed Bug Powders

The following products are among the very best on the market. We have reviewed the best bug powders in the market today based on different qualities and features. Take a read to learn about the best products and find the most suitable one for yourself.

Safer 51703 Diatomaceous Earth-Bed Bug Flea, Ant, Crawling Insect Killer 4 lb


  • No chemical used
  • Kills insects within 48 hours
  • Resealable bag ensures durability 
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors both 
  • Kills a wide variety of insects and bugs 
  • Insects cannot build resistance to this natural powder 


  • Applicator not included 
  • Many users experienced no noticeable changes 

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers of this powder report it to be highly effective for bed bugs and roaches in particular. Some users reported that it also does not dust off easily, which makes it a good choice for outdoor use. However, a few users reported that it didn't work for their insect problems, especially when they used it for outdoors.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find the resealable bad really impressive. The resealable features make this a safe and reliable product. It also lets you use a smaller portion of the product and save the rest for future use. This also makes up to be a safe product considering its natural quality. It does not have any chemicals, which means that insects won't become resistant to it.

Who Will Use This Most

We would highly recommend this powder to anyone who has kids or pets at home. With its natural-made quality, it is going to last a long time without harming anyone around the house. It's also a good product for fighting roaches.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this resealable bag of bed bug powder is truly an outstanding product. It is a non-chemical product that is only toxic for insects and is therefore safe and healthy to be used around the house. We highly recommend it for both indoor and outdoor use.

Rockwell CimeXa Insecticide Dust (2) 4 oz. bottles


  • Leaves no stains behind
  • Does not use any chemicals 
  • Does not harm humans or other animals
  • Works for bed bugs, as well as adults and nymphs 
  • Completely odorless, making it safe for use around children


  • Not the best for outdoor use
  • Might not work for other types of insects 
  • Requires you to wear masks and gloves while applying it

What Recent Buyers Report

This bed bug powder is backed by a lot of positive reviews from its buyers and users. People have found the results to be highly effective, and the majority of buyer saw a decrease in bed bugs after their first use. Users recommend using a mask and gloves when applying the product; however, they do not report any harm to pets and kids after use.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This powder is all about getting rid of bugs and nothing less or more. This means it is highly safe to be used around the house even if you have other animals around. It also comes with a nozzle, which means that you will not have to buy an applicator separately. This further makes this one of the most ideal products on the market.

Who Will Use This Most

We strongly recommend this to be used by people who are using bug powder for the first time. It comes with detailed labels on the package and is easy to use; therefore, it is perfect for first-time users. It is also good for homes where other animals are around.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this is an excellent choice of a bed bug powder if you specifically want to kill bed bugs. If you have other insects to kill as well, then you might want to explore other options. It comes in a user-friendly packaging and is also distributed in a respectable quantity, ensuring value for your purchase.

Best for the Money:
Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Dust

Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer Dust With Diatomaceous Earth, 8-Ounce


  • Kills a variety of insects
  • Easy and versatile application 
  • Highly affordable and budget-friendly 
  • Safe for use on mattresses and non-washable items
  • No unpleasant odor, so you won't have to leave the room while it's being applied


  • Might need some extra care with kids around

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers of this powder find it to be particularly valuable because of the quantity of the product compared to its price tag. They report that it was filled to the top of the bottle, making it a long-lasting treatment for bed bugs. Even better, they also reported that they experienced satisfactory results and an end to bed bugs.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product offers great features and functionality overall. It has detailed packaging and has a good amount of powder inside. All these amazing features come at an extremely affordable price, which makes this an outstanding product overall.

Who Will Use This Most

We do not really recommend this powder for people who have kids around the house. It is safe for other animals and is easy to use; therefore, we recommend it to people using it for the first time. If you are fighting bed bugs in your mattress, then this will work great for you.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is the most versatile product of its kind on the market, offering a great level of ease of application and usage. It's a safe and reliable product backed by great packaging. Be forewarned that it needs to be kept away from kids at all costs.

HARRIS Bed Bug Killer, Diatomaceous Earth (2lb with Duster)


  • Remains effective for weeks
  • Safe for use with pets and humans
  • Can be used to kill a variety of insects
  • Comes with a duster for easy application
  • Insects die quickly after coming in contact with the powder


  • Bag is not resealable

What Recent Buyers Report

People who have bought and used this product report that it is highly effective in fighting bed bugs on all types of surfaces. Some buyers report that a little extra application is needed for it to work fully. Users also report that one application of the product lasted for up to 2 weeks.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is one of the few bug powders that actually provide convenience and comfort for its users. It comes with a highly functional duster that allows you to use it easily and quickly. The application is made safe and easy, even for those using it for the first time.

Who Will Use This Most

We would highly recommend this to people who have kids and pets at home. The product is registered by the EPA and authorized by other standards, so you can feel confident that it is safe and healthy. It's also recommended for use in suitcases, beds, and mattresses.

Bottom Line

Summing up, this duster plus powder combination is going to work great for everyone who is battling with different types of insects. Lastly, the ease of application is the cherry on top for this highly functional yet affordable product.

Best from JT Eaton:
JT Eaton Crawling Insect Powder

JT Eaton 203-4BG Crawling Insect Powder, 4-Pound, N


  • Can kill all crawling insects
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty 
  • Generous 4-pound quantity 
  • Easy to store with sealable bag 
  • Does not have chemicals, so insects do not become resistant 


  • Not safe for kids
  • Slightly more expensive than other alternatives 

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers of this product claim that the powder killed all kinds of bugs, including spiders. Many of them purchased it based on the recommendations of professionals, and ended up satisfied with the positive results. Moreover, buyers also used this on their furniture to effectively get rid of insects. However, some reported that it lost its effect after some time and insects reappeared.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is one of the very few outstanding products that come with a warranty. The warranty ensures and further increases the reliability of the product and encourages you to invest in it. Therefore, along with its incredible results and effectiveness, this powder is also a safe bet.

Who Will Use This Most

Even though it is great for getting rid of almost all kinds of insects on all surfaces, we do not recommend this powder to be used in houses where there are kids. Other than that, it is great for use on all types of insects, especially bed bugs.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this is an outstanding product backed by a generous 1-year warranty. It has exceptional functionality and has proven to be really beneficial for all its users and buyers. It might need some extra care when used in houses with kids.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Before choosing the ideal bed bug powder for yourself, there are some important aspects that you need to consider. The following will determine whether or not a product is suitable for you. Take a look:


Before you finalize your purchase on a bed bug powder, make sure to check the customer reviews and feedback from people who have used it before. An ineffective powder will waste your time and money and will lead you to disappointing results, so do your best to heed warnings against subpar options. 


Powders for bed bug removal are better than sprays and other treatment options because they don't require reapplication. However, if the powder is not of good quality and wears very easily, you will need to reapply it every once in a while. A longer-lasting powder is going to bring comfort and convenience for you, along with highly effective results. 


More expensive powder will not guarantee better results. Therefore, make sure to go for affordable, mid-range products rather than focusing only on pricier ones. You will find great options in the affordable price range as well.

Toxicity Level 

All bug powders come with detailed labels on their packages that indicate the ingredients and the toxicity levels. Before you make your purchase, always consider the labels and make sure to check the toxicity level. 

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

Since bed bug powders can be slightly harmful, it's better to take some precautions to avoid any problem. 

Don't Spread Powder Everywhere

Many people think that fighting bed bugs, whether in bed sheets or carpets, requires you to spread the powder everywhere. This is neither true nor safe. Scattering the powder in the areas affected by bed bugs should be your only step. Scattering it everywhere can create a toxic environment for you to live in. 

Use Professional Applicators

While most powders come with their own brushes and applicators, we recommend using your own professional-grade applicators. This will reduce powder wastage and will also ensure safe application of the powder. 

Always Read the Labels

While all powders have the same functionality, they still have different ingredients and active elements that behave differently. Therefore, you can't use all powders in the same way and have the same results. Sometimes, powders with different active ingredients react dangerously compared to others. Therefore, always read the labels of the product and know your powder well. 

Apply Powder in Tight Areas

Powder is ineffective when it is applied in open areas. Therefore, try to find small creases and spaces to apply the powder in. 

How to Use Bed Bug Powder

Here are the important steps that you need to take for using the bed bug powder effectively:

1. Read the Labels

This is a very important step. You always need to read the safety precautions, steps, and do's and don'ts labeled on the package. 

2. Find a Crevice to Apply the Powder in

Crevices are where the walls meet the floor. In this step, you will need to find a crevice where the bugs are likely to be hiding or breeding in.

3. Open the Cap and Find the Applicator

Open the bottle and find a sharp-tipped nozzle. This nozzle is the applicator of the product. 

4. Cut Open the Tip 

Use a safe scissor to cut open the tip's edge. Form an opening; from here, you will squeeze out and apply the powder. 

5. Bring it Close to the Spot

To apply the powder effectively and to keep yourself safe from it, make sure to bring the nozzle/applicator really close to the spot you are targeting.

6. Squeeze the Bottle to Apply Powder

Do not squeeze or shake the bottle harshly to bring the powder out. Instead, squeeze it very gently to draw out the desired amount of powder. 

The following video shows all these steps so you can safely apply the powder. 


To wrap this article up, we have concluded that the most important considerations to make when you are buying a bed bug powder are its long term effectiveness, ease of use, and package quantity. We highly recommend going for a product that comes with an applicator since that makes the job a lot easier. To see the best results, always use the powder in close proximity to the spot that you want to target. 

People Also Ask

If you are still unclear about which product is the best for you, we have provided answers to common questions below:

How Long Does it Take For Bed Bug Powder to Work?

Usually, all bug powders take about 2 days to show off good results. The important thing here is that the bugs must come in contact with the powder, therefore, to have the powder work as soon as possible, you need to apply it carefully on the spots where bugs can breed. 

Can Bed Bug Powder Make You Sick?

While the bed bugs themselves cannot make you sick or physically harm you, the poison that is used to kill them can surely cause some sickness. However, the sickness is only likely to be experienced if there is a particular ingredient in the powder that you are allergic to. Moreover, extensive use can also be harmful. Therefore, always check the labels and instructions on the packaging. 

Does Foot Powder Kill Bed Bugs

Some people might see that foot powder kills bed bugs. However, it is not a practical solution to the problem and also has a shorter time span for its effectiveness. 

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