Best D-Con Mouse Traps of 2020 – Top Models Reviewed

Are your fingers tired getting snagged while setting traditional mousetraps?d-Con mouse traps are among the most effective and user-friendly mousetraps available.

When you buy a d-con mouse trap, you get quality, durability, style, and functionality.

They come in two options that are safe, humane and effective.

Comparison of the Best D-Con Mouse Traps




d-CON Reusable Covered Mouse Snap Trap, 1 Trap (Pack of 4)

d-CON Reusable Covered Mouse Snap Trap, 1 Trap (Pack of 4)

Best Overall

d-CON No View, No Touch Covered Mouse Trap, 1 Trap (Pack of 6)

d-CON No View, No Touch Covered Mouse Trap, 1 Trap (Pack of 6)


Effects of Mice Around the House

Several studies show the harmful effects of mice around the house.Mice are known to carry many diseases that may be fatal, including leptospirosis, Lyme disease, and hantavirus.

They also spread other harmful viruses and diseases through their urine and feces.Rats may also destroy household furniture, electrical wiring, foodstuff and even mechanical parts.

Controlling rats and mice around the house will help reduce the incidence of disease, and provide a safer environment for your family.

This d-con mouse trap reviews explains why either of the two products will help you effectively control rat or mice infestation around your house.

Review of the Best D-Con Mouse Traps

d-CON Reusable Covered Mouse Snap Trap, 1 Trap (Pack of 4)


  • There is a unique, attractive corner arc design.
  • It is humane and safe around children and animals.
  • The protective covers ensure safety and durability.
  • It is highly recommended.


  • The spring may easily break at times.
  • The lever may be hard to maneuver sometimes.

Key Features

  • The 4-pack reusable snap trap has a handy cover for safety and reliability.
  • They are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The trap is user-friendly.
  • You don’t have to touch or handle the mice.
  • Kills Instantly & Humanely
  • It works faster and more efficiently than other standard traps.

How it Works

The trap fits snugly in corners and operates at a 90 degrees arc position. The bait cup is uniquely set in a position to lure mice directly onto the trigger plate to access the bait. It is highly sensitive to movement and mice cannot escape when they enter the trap.

The d-con snap trap has a tunnel entrance that lets mice crawl in but barely enough room otherwise. The safety features ensure there’s no chance of snagging your fingers when setting up.

There’s a cover which protects the trap by hiding the working parts against tampering.The cover also ensures the mice cannot escape when they enter the trap.

The bait also stays in place, so mice cannot steal the bait and run away. The reusable traps are easy to set up and bait. Use them in places like pantries, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, basements or business premises.

Setting the Trap

Among the favorable d-con mousetrap, most users enjoy the convenience of setting the traps.There are no sharp springs to snap your fingers when setting up the these traps.

  1. Open the cover and place the bait
  2. Close the cover and pull the lever down
  3. Set the bait in the position of your choice

After each catch, open the cover and dump the mouse into the garbage bin.You can clean it and re-set it if you so desire.


Generally, the d-con snap trap is hygienic since there is no blood, unpleasant odors or stains to clean. They are humane, economical, reusable, and safe around pets and children, easy to use and dispose of. The traps are efficient and effective. They kill mice quickly and are easy to set and re-bait.

d-CON No View, No Touch Covered Mouse Trap, 1 Trap (Pack of 6)


  • The trap is simple and effective
  • It is easy to use and safe around children and pets
  • There is no unpleasant viewing or handling of dead rodents
  • They catch mice within the first few hours
  • They are hygienic


  • Non reusable
  • Sometimes you can’t tell if a mouse is inside.

Key Features

  • d-Con, No view mouse traps are humane, they kill mice outright.
  • It is proven safer than most other standard mouse traps.
  • The trap uses no poison.It closes only when a mouse is fully inside the trap.
  • The trap is convenient, easy to use and dispose of dead mice.
  • The trap is covered to hide the dead mouse.
  • It is convenient and hygienic.There is no mess to clean up.

How it Works

The d-con No View, No Touch mousetrap only shuts off when a mouse is fully inside the trap.The locking mechanism kicks in when a mouse moves toward the bait at the back of the trap.

The weight of the mouse triggers the sensors in the opening to snap and latch down.The mouse has no chance of escaping once the latch closes down.There is an indicator which can tell you whether the bait is set, if it triggers and if a mouse is caught.

To dispose of, simply throw the entire trap with the dead mouse into the garbage.There is no need to touch, see or handle the dead mouse.

How to Set the Trap

d-Con No touch, No view mouse traps are effective in almost any area around the house.Set the traps in the attic, basement, bedrooms, laundries, sheds, laundry rooms, pantries, kitchens, and living rooms.

  1. Peel off the safety label at the top of the trap.
  2. Twist the cover and set the bait.
  3. Place the trap in the area you notice mice activity.
  4. Throw the trap in the bin when you catch a mouse.


They are safe to use around pets and small children and are hygienic and user-friendly.The trap works efficiently and effectively,usually within a few hours after setting it up.The traps are discreet, humane, and convenient.

In this d-con no view no touch mouse trap review article, we talked about how d-con no view no touch mouse trap work, design, features, specifications and so on.

Final Words

This d-con mouse trap reviews highlights traps that are backed by years of experience, design, and technology.  These traps are a better option than most standard traps.They are affordable, economical, highly effective, easy to use, and help you to control infestation in your house.I reviewed two types d-con mousetrap or you may check other top rated traps also.