Havahart Mouse Trap Review 2020 – (Tested & Reviewed)

Are you frustrated with old wooden traps that snap your fingers more often than mice? Most traditional traps are difficult to set and clean up. Do those sneaky rodents around your house seem to outsmart you at every turn?

If you often find more bait left on your trap than dead mice, it’s time to get smart and up your game. Mice tend to be clever, and you need to be smarter at stopping them in their tracks.

Our Havahart Mouse Trap Review can guide you in selecting an effective trap to control mice around your house.

Havahart 1020 Live Animal Two-Door Mouse Cage Trap (Pack of 4)


  • The traps work extremely well
  • They are cost-effective and offer value for money
  • They are available in a variety of sizes
  • Traps are ideal for professional trapping
  • They are suitable for catching smaller rodents


  • The cage locks do not always close when the door shuts
  • The doors can be too trigger sensitive at times

Design and Features

The Havahart mousetrap is a cage-like design comprising a rust-resistant galvanized steel frame. The wire mesh openings on each side are sturdy and durable. The cage is attractive and highly-functional.

There is a trigger-sensitive mesh opening that helps keep the bait securely in place. The design is highly tested and approved for use by most professional trappers.


One good feature highlighted during the Havahart Mouse Trap Review is the versatility of the trap. There are various cages depending on the size of the animals you plan to trap. The mechanism is trigger sensitive and fast-acting.

Each cage only attracts rodents depending on their size. It means the cage sensors will only trigger when rodents of the right size enter a particular cage. The outer trigger rod and handle guard ensures the rodents are safe inside if you need to travel with them.

Comfortable and Convenient

The interior of the cage has smooth edges to help prevent the rodents from harm by sharp wire ends while inside the trap. The doors handle and bars are solidly built to make the cage easy and safe to transport.

The entire structure is sturdy and built to last. It is about 10 inches and diameter and weighs about 15 ounces.

Setting the Havahart Mouse Trap

Set the bait far back into the trap. You can use bits of foods like peanut butter, bread, cheese or sunflower seeds, depending on what you plan to catch.Place the trap outdoors in the areas where you spot the animals most.

You may also disguise the trap by placing a few leaves and twigs on the top. Be careful to ensure the disguise materials do not block the mechanism from working effectively. Some trappers even opt to seat an unabated cage in the area to get animals accustomed to seeing the trap.

After you set the trap to check the cage often to ensure the animals are not exposed to harsh weather conditions while inside. After you catch a mouse or rodents open the door and release them in a remote area of your choice.

Handling the Doors

  • Switch the door locks to the open position.
  • Push the trigger rod down to open the door.

Next, place the bait onto the bait plate inside the trap while holding the door open. To release both doors, push down on the trigger loop rod on each door. Place the first loop flat side down under the bait trigger plate.

This allows the doors to open while keeping the bait plate from shifting. Turn the knobs on the door lock to ensure each lock sits on the doors. 

Two Convenient Doors for More Catches

  • There are two doors that snap into place by gravity. They allow more rodents to enter the trap from either side.


Ensure the bait trigger and door trigger line up with each other with enough tension to set off the trap. If they are not flat enough to fit together, file the ends to smoother them out or wrap each end in a piece of friction tape.


The humane design and technology combine to provide convenient trapping without using poison or chemicals. The traps are user-friendly, sanitary, and lightweight for easy transporting. The Havahart mousetrap is a very good investment; they are affordable and very effective at trapping mice.

They are durable, sturdy and reusable. The traps have mesh wire vents along the cage. They allow air to circulate throughout the trap to prevent mice from suffocating.

The catch and release style traps catch rodents within the first 10 hours after setting the bait.

The cages are versatile for indoor/outdoor trapping. Customers like they can use them in gardens, basements, attics, sheds, cupboards and anywhere they observe scurrying.

Final Thoughts

Havahart mousetraps are among the most humane traps available for catching mice and other small rodents. Professional trappers prefer these cages since they are suitable for trapping a variety of animals and rodents.

The cage design is attractive, well-constructed and very functional. The traps are easy to set up, bait and clean. The humane cages are designed to keep mice comfortable and safe until trappers release them.

A significant portion of customers mentioned in the Havahart Mouse Trap Reviews, use these cages for more than 20 years. They are very satisfied with the quality and functionality. If you want a humane trap that is easy to handle and transport, we recommend the Havahart model.


How the Does Trap Works?

When a mouse enters the trap, the movement triggers the doors to snap shut. A wire bail on each side of the cage blocks the mice from getting past the doors.

How to Clean the Trap?

Havahart mousetraps are hygienic and easy to clean. After you release a mouse, brush away any droppings that may remain.

Remove any food bait particles and wipe around the cage with warm, soapy water. Let the cage air dry and then reset for the next catch.