How Do Electronic Mouse Traps Work? – Expert Advice

Do you want to go modern? Do you wish to use the most up to date technology in your battle against mice? Then you are at the right place. If you want to learn how to do electronic mouse traps work, just read on.

Trust us, electronic mouse trap may seem complex, but they are not. They have their advantages and disadvantages but are quite simple to set up mouse trap and use.out

In What Ways Can You Get Rid of Mice?

Before we get into the working mechanisms of some traps, we should inform you of all the ways you can dispose of mice. Let’s get one thing straight; mice are dirty animals which nest in your home and which can cause a lot of damage to it.

On top of that, they usually carry a disease which you and your family can catch. These diseases are not a joke, and it’s better if you avoid them entirely.Those are the two main reasons you can’t allow mice to live in your home.

The second question we need to ask ourselves is how we actually know that our house is mice infested. They are small animals which are active typically only during the night (when it’s safe to roam around freely because humans are asleep). However, there are some signs which can tell you if you’ve got a mouse.

This is because they are lead by instincts instead of brains. Trust us,  they’re not even aware they’ve exposed themselves to those signs.

So if you’ve got mice, you’ll notice your wires are chewed up, as well as the packages where you store your food. You’ll also notice a lot of droppings left around the house.

Step -1: Decide on a Mouse Trap Type

Now that you’ve become aware of that mouse in your room, it’s time to take action. There are several actions you can take. You can buy a trap which will kill the mouse. Or, you can buy a humane trap, which will keep the mouse alive.

If you’re one of those people who like making things at home, you can make a trap yourself, or you can make some mouse poison. If all else fails, you can always call a professional.

Step – 2: Consider the Options

Traps which kill mice come in many different shapes and sizes. The most famous of these traps is definitely the snap trap. It works by snapping the mouse’s neck when it tries to reach for the bait.

You can get them in local stores and are fairly cheap. They only require some set up which is rather simple.When you catch a mouse, you have two options. You can either dispose of the trap with it, or you can lift the kill bar and just throw the mouse away.

These are otherwise known as the wooden mousetrap. Then, you can opt for the glue trap. We recommend this if you’ve got fast mice which seem to be smarter than the trap you set. This is because they won’t see the glue and will instead innocently step in it, and thereby trap themselves.

It helps if you add bait to this trap, too.It’s not reusable though, as you can’t really unglue the mouse from it, so you just have to throw the whole thing away.You have to be careful with these traps as the glue can be hard to get off of things.

They’re not too advisable for people who haven’t dealt with mice before. Multi catch traps are useful for households where mice have managed to spread. These traps can catch up to 15 mice at a time, and they make the process much quicker. You can use them as both live and kill traps.

The trap itself will just trap the mice inside, but you can add a glue floorboard to it, and turn it into a kill trap. In fact, some companies include the floorboard with the trap.On the other hand, if you’d like to spare the mouse’s life, you can use a humane trap.

There are many of these which you can buy. However, the three most effective are the cube trap, the smart mouse trap, and the Havahart trap. They operate on similar premises. You have to place the bait inside the trap, and when the mouse smells it, it will enter and it won’t be able to leave anymore.

The difference is that the cube trap uses a one way door. The other two have a mechanism which is triggered by the mouse’s weight. Both the smart mouse trap and the cube trap are made out of plastic. However, the smart mouse trap has a bit more room and some air holes.

The Havahart is made out of metal and resembles a cage. The mouse has room to move around in it, and it definitely has enough air.All of them work rather well. However, the biggest problem with the cube trap is that mice are sometimes able to chew through the door and escape.

Step -3: Can You Make a Trap Yourself?

You can also make a mouse trap by yourself. There are a ton of tricks for catching mice quickly. However, perhaps the most effective one is with a bucket a toilet paper tube. It doesn’t even have to be a toilet paper tube. A tube which is stable enough to stand on its own but weak enough to collapse under the weight of the mouse is enough.

Take the tube and flatten one side with your fingers. This will ensure that it will be able to stand on the table or counter securely.You should add bait to one part of the tube and balance it on the desired area with that part being off the surface. If the tube won’t stand on its own, you can get some duct tape.

But be sure to apply the tape gently, so the tube will still collapse when the mouse enters. Place a bucket under the tube. Now you just have to wait until the mouse falls into the bucket.Check the trap often, as the mouse shouldn’t stay in the bucket for too long.

It won’t have any food and it will be hungry. When mice starve they get more aggressive and can hurt themselves and others. Transfer the mouse into a small container and take it far away from your house.The essential part of live traps is letting the mouse go.

You should always choose a place which is at least five miles away from your home. This will prevent the mouse from coming back. You should always choose a woody or rocky area so that the mouse will have where to hide and what to eat.

It will have a hard time adjusting to the new environment for a few days, so you can always come back to bring it food.This is a scenario for those who really want to increase the mouse’s chances of survival.Now, poison –  you can buy regular mouse poison at the store.

However, perhaps it’s better if you make some at home. This is because homemade poison doesn’t have to be toxic to other species.

If you have a curious pet or child, and they happen to find the poison you’ve made at home, the consequences won’t be nearly as close to those which can occur after the discovery of conventional mouse poison.The simplest poison you can make it with flour, sugar, and baking soda.

Take a cup each of the ingredients and mixes them together in a large bowl. This is what we call dry poison. Once you’ve thoroughly mixed the ingredients together, get small bowls which will be easy to eat out of.Now distribute the poison evenly.

Finally, place all of the little bowls around the house, in areas where the mice will be most likely to eat them. This is of course behind the fridge and counters. Check your poison daily, and dispose of dead mice immediately.

How Do Electronic Mouse Traps Work?

Electronic Mouse Traps

Electronic mouse traps are one of the most revolutionary traps in mouse hunting. This is because they don’t require you to do any work aside for baiting them. These are perfect for people who are afraid of mice. It’s also great for people who just want to avoid the part of seeing and feeling the mouse’s body entirely.

This is because they offer a unique experience which doesn’t require the user to see or handle the mouse.The mousetrap sends out a strong current that is powerful enough to kill any mouse that gets trapped. On average, they send out 8000 V, which is enough to kill a mouse and to gently shock you. Still, always be careful.

They Work on Batteries

These traps work on batteries, and you will probably get some included when you buy the trap. First, you’ll need to put the batteries into place. There is a specialized part which you can lift to put the bait in. Use peanut butter for bait, as mice are very attracted to it and as they will smell it more easily.

Now that you placed the bait, just close the trap and turn it on.An average battery, while depending on the actual trap type, can kill up to 10 mice. This also indicates how often you need to switch the batteries out.

They have Functional Indicators

A handy indicator light will shine green so as to let you know that your trap is working properly. You should place the trap lengthwise against a wall, with the entrance hole right next to the wall. This will increase your chances of success.

Also, remember to purchase many traps and place them a few feet from each other. That way the mice stand no chance.

Empty Your Traps

Once you catch the mouse, all you have to do is lift the lid of the electronic trap and empty the trap.


We hope this has been informative. All you need to know and to learn has been covered here. This vermin will be a thing of the past if you get some of these high-tech gadgets.

The latest in high tech mouse traps explained in less than two thousand words. We hope this article has been informative. It’s our sincere hope that you will have a lot of success in your battle with these pesky rodents. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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