How to Make a Mouse Trap – 2019 Informational Guide

Catching mouse is a very tricky thing to do. Not everyone is able to do it on their own. That’s why there is this article, to help you. The easiest way to catch a mouse is to trap is. But nobody said you had to buy mouse traps. What if you just made one on your own?

That’s a fun afternoon project. Aside from being fun, it will also help you solve a problem.Since mice have been around forever, there are many traps which you can make. The more important question is how to make a mouse trap, though.

How to Make a Homemade Mouse Trap

There are many types of mouse trap you can opt for when you’re trying to catch a mouse. The first is the regular traps which kill the mouse instantly and leave you with the disposal responsibilities. The second is, of course, the humane traps. You can either buy the traps or make them.

Making them is easier and cheaper, and the result is the same as buying the trap.Humane traps are better because the mice aren’t really aware they’ve done anything wrong. They just followed their natural instinct for food. What’s more, these traps are reusable and more effective.

This is because mice have a keen sense of smell. That means that they smell the death of previous mice on those traps which kill them.In these traps, they will smell no such thing which means they’re more likely to enter the trap.

How to Make an Effective and Easy Homemade Trap

Among many other homemade traps you can make, the one with the glass and peanut butter is the simplest. So, of course, you’ll need a glass and some peanut butter, but don’t forget that you’ll also need a coin.
Peanut butter is great bait because it’s fragrant and full of high protein, which is just what mice like. Smear some on the inside of the glass.

Make sure to choose a glass which is wide enough to trap the mouse. Take the coin, and prompt the glass on top of it.One side should be on the ground, and the other on the coin.Once the mouse tries to take the peanut butter, it will knock the coin over and stay trapped in the glass.

All you have to do now is take it to a place which resembles its natural habitat and set it free.

How to Make a Mouse Trap With a Paper Plate

One of the mouse traps you can make involves a paper plate. Those are easy to find around your house.

Step – 1: Get a Plate and a Bucket

For the first step, you’ll need to find the materials. You can use any paper plate lying around the house. The same goes for the bucket. You will also need two branches. They should be a bit heavy. They should also be able to stand on their own.
Using a paper plate will provide a surface which can stand on its own. This surface will also fall when a mouse steps on it.

Step – 2: Baiting

Now that you’ve got your materials, take some bait. It can be anything you want. It’s advisable to take something mice like. Some peanut butter will do the trick.

Step – 3: Setting Up the Trap

Place the bucket in the middle. Take the two branches and lean them on the sides of the bucket. This way, the mice can climb to the top. Now just take the baited plate and balance it on top.

Step – 4: Waiting is Key

When the trap has been set and after that, you have to wait. Check the trap often to see if you caught your mouse.

Step – 5: Releasing the Mouse

Once you catch it, just take some glove and pick it up. Put it in a small container. Now put that in your car. Drive at least 5 miles away from your house.Simply release the mouse from the container.

How to Make a Mouse Trap Using a Spoon

Another way you can make a trap is with a spoon and a bucket. This may be the easiest trap you can make.

Step – 1: Get a Spoon

You will need a spoon, preferably with a wooden handle. That will make it easier to bait. You should also get a large bucket. You will need it for the mouse to fall in.

Step – 2: Baiting Your Trap

This trap will use the spoon as the place of baiting. Simply smear some peanut butter on the handle of the spoon. You can use as much as you want. Be careful so the spoon doesn’t fall, though.

Step – 3: Setting Up Your Trap

Simply balance the spoon at the end of a counter. You can do this on a table, too. Put the bucket right under the spoon.

Step – 4: Patience Pays off

It might take a while for you to catch your mouse. Don’t give up hope. Just keep checking the trap often. Make sure to do this first thing every morning.

Step – 5: Saying Goodbye to Your Mouse

Now that the mouse has been caught, it’s time to say goodbye. Put it in a container. It will be easier to carry this way. Now take that and put it in your car. Find a rocky or woodsy area and take it there. Release the mouse.

How to Make a Bucket Mouse Trap

How to make a bucket mouse trap


You can also make a homemade trap using the materials you already have lying around. Such is the one with a bucket and a tube.

Step – 1: Find a Tube

First, you’ll need to find a tube which is strong enough to stand on its own. It also needs to be weak enough to collapse under the weight of the mouse. You could use a toilet paper tube or a paper towel tube for the best results.

Step – 2: Find Some Bait

Take some bait, and apply it to one end of the tube. Peanut butter will work fine, here, too.

Step – 3: Balance the Tube

Now that that’s done, balance the tube on top of a table or counter where you’ve noticed traces of mice passing. The part with the bait should be hanging off the surface. You should flatten one side of the tube with your fingers to make it stand. If it’s still rolling around or falling, you can use some tape to secure it to the table or counter.  Just make sure to tape lightly. This is so the tube still collapses when the mouse enters it.

Step – 4: Find a Bucket

Get a bucket and place it under the hanging part of the tube.

Step- 5: Patience is Key

All that’s left now is to wait. When the mouse goes into the tube for the bait, the tube will fall into the bucket with the mouse. Check your trap often because you don’t want to leave the mouse hungry and waiting.

How to Make a mouse Trap Out of a Bottle

Making a trap out of a plastic bottle is another simple homemade trap. You can use  it because it doesn’t take long to make. It also makes the release super easy.

Step – 1: Get a Knife

Start by cutting off the neck of the bottle. Do this by getting a utility knife and carefully but firmly cutting through the plastic. When that’s done, make another cut about 2 inches down. Keep the two large pieces.

Step – 2: Cutting the Top Section

Keep the knife and cut one inch slices, starting from the end where the opening used to be. Your goal is to make spikes. It’s easiest to make the spikes but you can make something else too. The important thing is that those parts deter. This is so as to stop the mouse from jumping out.

Step – 3: Putting it All Together

Now you just need to put the smaller funnel into the bigger part of the bottle. Tape it around the rim to prevent it from moving.

Step – 4: Wait

Check the trap often and release the rodent as soon as possible. This can also work as a multi catch trap because you can use a bottle big enough to fit more mice.

How Does a Mousetrap Work

Everything Needs Bait

A mouse trap works thanks to the basic concept of bait. Mice are naturally prone to exploring their surroundings, especially if they’re looking for food. So, if you provide that food, you will be able to trap them.
Each type of trap you use will require bait in order to work.

But Not too Much Bait

Sometimes people say that the mice are too smart for traps and have only taken the bait, but are still free. This just means that those people put too much bait in the trap, and it was easy for the mouse to get it.

What to Do With the Trapped Mouse

Once the mouse is in the trap, it will stay there until you find it. If you use kill traps, they will do their job and you’ll just need to dispose of the mouse. Otherwise, releasing it to the wild is necessary.

How to Use a Mouse Trap

Even though it may seem difficult if you’ve never done it before using a humane mouse trap is actually pretty simple. To help you out with the process, here are some informative tips.

Placement is Everything

Mice are animals which build nests. They build those nests in places far away from prying eyes. It’s not much use to look for them. You are not a professional and can get hurt. Instead, use the homemade traps to get rid of the vermin. The mice move in around a 30 feet radius of the nest, and that’s to get food and explore the surroundings during the night.

People usually place one or two traps in the middle of the room where they walk, so they think the mouse will walk, too. This is wrong because the mouse will be wary and careful in a new environment. So, place your traps right next to the walls. And don’t start small, place the traps a few feet apart and all over the house. This will enhance your chances of catching the mouse.

Baiting the Trap Correctly

When baiting the trap, make sure to wear latex or rubber gloves so as not to get your scent all of the bait. Since mice have a heightened sense of smell, they’ll be able to tell if a human has touched the bait, and they won’t eat it.
What’s more, don’t put too much bait. That could trigger the trap. Or will make it easier for the mouse to just grab the bait and walk away.

Finally, make sure to use bait which is fragrant and high in protein, as this will most likely attract the mouse. Such foods are chocolate, hazelnuts, cheese, and peanut butter.

Releasing the Mouse Into the Wild

After you’ve caught the mouse, it’s time to release it into the wild. Place it into a small container and drive around five miles away from your house. The farther you go, the fewer chances of the mouse returning to your home as they won’t be able to smell it anymore.

You should choose an area where it will be easy for the mouse to adjust. Such areas are woody and rocky, and this is where the mouse has a place to hide It will be completely new to it for the first few days. You can leave food out for it to enhance its chances of survival.

Preventing Mice From Coming Back

It’s essential to thoroughly clean your house after you’ve got rid of the mice. This is because the smell will just attract more mice. So put on a pair of gloves and take some trash bags. Pick up all the droppings you sea and scrub everything down with disinfectant and warm water.
Make sure not to touch anything. This is so as not to contract any diseases. Immediately dispose of the trash bags.


Now that you’ve read through the article, you’re more than ready to tackle your mouse problem!

As you can see, there are many traps which you can make. Each is as effective as any. Which one you choose depends on your preference and taste.
Remember to be brave and patient. This is rarely solved overnight. But if you follow the provided tips, it will be over before you know it.

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