Intruder Mouse Trap Reviews 2020

Is your cat fed up chasing mice around your house? Rats and mice are smart, elusive, yet destructive creatures. They bide their time until after dark and invade your garage, pantry, attic, basement, shed, vehicle engine, laundry, or anywhere else looking for food.

Rodents will gnaw their way through the wood, furniture, food, electrical wiring, and almost anything else they can sink their teeth in. Our Intruder Mouse Trap Reviews will offer you a viable option to stop these unwelcome intruders from invading your home and wreaking havoc unchecked.

Intruder Mouse Trap Review:

Intruder Mouse Trap Review


  • The traps are available in packs of 6 and are no-handling, reusable.
  • They are humane mousetraps, which trap mice without drawing any blood.
  • They exert more than 25 percent more force on contact than most standard mousetraps.
  • Intruder mousetraps are sturdy and will hold mice in place until you can safely dispose of them.

A significant number of actual users are very impressed with the Intruder mousetraps. They like that the traps are affordable, convenient and economical.

They are highly recommended as some of the best mouse traps available. Customers experience a higher overall success rate than most other mousetraps.

The traps are sturdy and durable and can last for several weeks after the initial use. The Intruder mousetrap yields up to a few hundred dead mice per year.

The trigger sensitive trap grabs the mice and keeps them stuck until they die. Setting the trap is easy, and you don’t have to worry about snagging your fingers if the lever sets off.

Quality Design:

The mechanical parts of the trap are of dense, non-absorbing, non-toxic plastic and sturdy stainless steel. The hair-trigger mechanism is highly effective.

There is a spring set in the corners of the trap at both ends that hold the trap lever together. The bait handle opens and closes without any problems.

On the bait pad, there is a narrow, jagged ridge that lodges the bait tightly in place. They are lightweight, weighing less than 8 pounds and measuring a little over 7 ½ inches in diameter.


Intruder mousetraps work well to eliminate gophers, voles, rats, and chipmunks. You can set them inside the house or around the yard in the garage, shed or garden beds.


The catch and release trap is easy to set, clean, and re-set. The trap is sanitary and highly effective in trapping mice on the first try. It works quickly to suffocate mice on contact. There’s no chance of snatching the bait and bolting.

The Intruder can catch mice as swiftly as from between 15 minutes and three hours after setting the trap. Among several positive Intruder Mouse Trap Review, customers report catching up to 3 mice within the first hour of setting the trap.

There’s no need to handle the rodent, and there are no residues to clean up after a kill. After disposing of the mice, the trap virtually resets itself. You just add new bait if necessary.

They are hygienic and very safe to use around pets and small children.The traps are affordable, reliable, versatile and long-lasting. The six-pack purchase allows you to set multiple traps in trouble areas around the house.

Intruder 30442 The Better Mousetrap


Thins we Liked
  • The Intruder mousetrap is affordable, reusable and economical
  • It is easy to set up, clean and dispose of dead mice
  • It is highly effective at catching mice quickly and humanely
  • Customers like the simple, yet sturdy design
Things we didn't like
  • The spring may stop opening sometimes
  • Some mice may remain alive on the traps when they set off.

Setting the Intruder Mouse Trap

Setting the mousetrap is a breeze.Press the top handle and hold it down as you place a small piece of bait onto the grooves on the bait pad. Set the bait as far back as possible on the trap to tempt the mouse more fully on the trap to get the food.

Set the trap facing the wall in the area you desire, with the ragged jaw open. Some customers even opted to fence the area around with light cardboard to keep the mouse enclosed.

Be careful check the traps regularly to ensure you get any catches before the rodents begin to smell. When there is a catch, simply squeeze the lever to release the rodent.

The jaws on the trap help slide the mouse off the trap. Simply tip the rodent into the garbage.

Re-setting the trap

The Intruder mousetrap is reusable. After you dispose of the catch, clean the trap using warm, soapy water. Be careful not to immerse the trap in the water. Simply re-set it and position it for the next kill.

Helpful Tips:

Use a small portion of bait on the trap.  Over baiting may cause the trap to spring before a mouse makes contact. If over time the springs on the trap freeze up, take off the spring and re-set it.

Pull the spring about a half-inch around the trap, moving in a clockwise direction.  Bring it around and replace the spring in the trap.

If you plan to use the trap outdoors or in the rafters of a building, you’ll need to reinforce the trap when you set it. Use a piece of twine or fishing line and run it through the base of the trap, close to the bait plate.


We hope this Intruder Mouse Trap Review help encourage you to try them out. From our own testing, we can absolutely confirm that this piece of trap works flawlessly.

If you are wary of mousetraps that promise so much and deliver so little, the Intruder may be the trap for you. Intruder mousetraps are among the best and most affordable traps around.

They work quickly and effectively to kill mice without cutting them apart. The traps are hygienic, and safe to use around small children and pets. You can use them inside and outside your house to control any mice infestation.

They are easy to set up, clean and reset. You don’t have to touch the dead mouse or fear cutting your finger in the trap. If you’re looking for a simple, yet functional trap, then we recommend you try the Intruder mousetrap. You won’t be disappointed.