How-to Get Rid of Mice in Attics – 2019 Informational Guide

Having a mice infestation is bad in many ways. Not only are they noisy and intrusive but they're also carriers of multiple diseases. They can contaminate food and leave behind debris.

This problem will only get worse if not acted upon quickly, as mice multiply way faster than you think. You may have a few at first and not think of it as a big deal, but before you know it, there will be tiny mice running up and down in your attic. This is a health hazard not to be taken lightly.

In order to help you get rid of them, we’ve come up with an informational post which has all you need to know about the matter. So, keep on reading!

Signs That Mice Might Be Living in Your Attic

Identifying whether you have a mice infestation is an easy job. There are many obvious signs you can’t miss if your house is infested by mice. These include:

The Noise and Disturbance

The first and foremost signal of a mice infestation is scratching and screeching noises. You will be able to hear an animal move or if there are multiples of them, it becomes even easier to notice.

The Food Debris

Naturally, if mice are living in your attic, they will need something to feed on. You will start noticing a piece of bread or perhaps even pieces of food that have been disposed of in your attic which they have acquired from the garbage bin. 

Urine Stains and Droppings

Eventually, you’ll start seeing tiny, black pellets all over the attic floor, or you may notice urine stains.

How to Get Rid of Mice in Attics

Once you’ve identified that you have a mice infestation, use the following steps to get rid of them. But how do you approach that? Here is a list of the steps to follow that will help you eradicate mice from your house in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Examine Your House

You must be wondering; if you already know they are in the attic, what is the purpose of examining the whole house? You’ve severely underestimated rodents. You won’t believe how easily they can fit through the tiniest openings. Therefore, it’s best for you to check all the roof lines, vents, gaps, etc. 

Block Off Points of Entry

Identify all gaps and holes and seal them off so they can no longer enter. You might notice the chewed off ends of doors. These are probably where they enter from. Steel can be used and bolted to the wood using silicone gel to seal any points of entry. 

Trap or Kill the Mice

If you’ve tried a multitude of ways to scare them off, yet they won’t go away, it’s time for you to get rid of them by killing them. There are multiple solutions for this; you can trap the mice using bait cells or live-catch traps. Many people use poison to kill rodents. However, it can be dangerous to be left lying around, especially if you have pets and children. If you do opt for that option though, make sure you monitor it correctly to avoid any mishaps.

Clean-up and Removal

This is equally important as killing the mice. Make sure you’re wearing gloves while removing the dead mice, their droppings, or nests as there are a plethora of harmful microbes on them and can cause diseases. 

How to Rid Your Attic of Mice - Video Review

Rodents, in general, can be very hard to get rid of. Your problem might not necessarily be mice, but it might be squirrels or possums, too. Even those animals do not only cause disturbances but are harmful to your health and property. Hiring professional help to get rid of rodents isn’t the perfect solution for everybody. Not everybody can afford to spend that kind of money, as it can be expensive. 

If you’re in search of the perfect solution that isn’t a gimmick, is effective, efficient, and worth trying, you’re in for a treat. Turns out, placing moth balls in places where you suspect rodents to be most active works wonders. The stench this product produces scares them off and allows you to notice a significant change. You can get a box of mothballs for a few dollars and it will turn the game around for you. They need to be carefully used as their scent can be overbearing and overpowering. Thus, they only need to be used sparingly. If you continue to notice a problem, increase the number of balls you’re placing in your attic and this should definitely take care of the problem, as rodents have a keen sense of smell.

You can get better insight into how you can get rid of these pesky rodents with the following video. 


There are multiple ways you can get rid of mice. You need to find one that works best for you. An important thing to remember is not to be lazy about it as they multiply in the blink of an eye. They carry multiple diseases and must be eliminated quickly. Not only are they damaging to your health but also to your house as they can chew electrical wiring and furniture. Hopefully, this post was able to shed more light on the matter and provide you with good tips that will help you implement the solution to this infestation in your own place. 

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