How-to Get Rid of Mice Naturally – 2019 Informational Guide

Let’s get real, mice can be a real hassle to deal with. They get inside your walls, they gnaw at all your food packaging, they leave droppings everywhere, and they make the house stink, as well. Not only that, they gnaw at your furniture and upholstery, too! All in all, it is safe to say that mice are pretty inconsiderate.

So how do we get rid of them? Using traps may not always be the answer. In many cases, they can prove to be dangerous for pets, children, and even adults in the house.

The good thing is that there is a way to get rid of mice naturally. Let’s find out what it is!

Why Go Natural?

There are many reasons to go natural. In this section, we will discuss the top reasons why you should do so.


As mentioned previously, natural mice repellents are much safer than other traps. Traps can use poisons and other substances that can be dangerous. Children and pets can swallow them, and that can be fatal. Apart from that, the fumes of these substances are also quite dangerous. These are some of the ways natural repellents can be better.

Easy to Acquire

Natural repellents are easier to acquire than traps. Some of them can even be found inside your home already! They don’t require any manuals or any extra effort to set up. 

Easier on the Budget

Natural repellents are much easier on the budget than traps. You can do a lot with just a little bit of investment.

Dangers of Mice Infestation

We discussed a bit of this earlier on in the introduction. But let’s shed a little light on the dangers of mice infestation and how they can affect your life. Though it might seem a bit obvious, we will discuss all the major reasons why a mice infestation is something you should deal with as quickly as possible. 


Droppings can be a major health risk. And when you have a mouse infestation, that is one of the first things you will notice. When the droppings become dry, they start to release fumes that are extremely dangerous to breathe in. Apart from that, they also spread bacteria and contaminate your living space, as well as your food. They can also cause allergies alongside various fatal diseases. The only way to deal with droppings effectively is to get rid of the source. 

Food Contamination

Food contamination is, again, one of the greatest dangers of a mice infestation. If you eat food that has been contaminated by mice, you can contract rat bite fever. This is a potentially fatal disease. The symptoms of this are headaches, fever, vomiting, rashes, and muscle pain. The symptoms will start to show in 3-10 days of intake of contaminated food. This is just one example; there are a number of other fatal diseases that could be transferred by mice.

Damage to the Living Space

Furniture and upholstery are not the only things those pesky mice are chewing on. They also destroy the insulation in the roof, make holes in the walls, and even chew up wires. All of these can be extremely dangerous and will cost you money to fix. However, chewed up or broken wires can be especially dangerous, as they can cause fires. 

How to Get Rid of Mice Naturally

Time to get down to business. The following steps expand on how you can get rid of mice naturally. 

1. Find and Seal Gaps

This is the first thing you will want to do. Gaps and cracks in walls and doors are like a welcome mat for mice. They see it as a free, all-you-can-eat buffet. What you need to do is take down that welcome sign. Block all their entry spots. Find any potential gaps and cracks that could be the reason for your infestation and seal them up properly. Remember, if there is even one entry spot left, all that effort will have no fruit at all. So be thorough and let the mice know that they are not welcome. 

2. Remove Food Access

The next step is dealing with the mice that have already invaded your lovely home. You have to block out their food supply. The main reason mice choose to stick around is that they are well fed. But we do not want that anymore. So make sure you do not leave any sort of food out in the open. In addition to that, store your food in containers, ideally airtight containers. The mice will be helpless against that. Not having a food supply will definitely pose a problem for the mice and they won’t enjoy their stay as much. 

3. Go Natural

There are many different natural mouse repellents that can work wonders. Mice have a very keen sense of smell, and the smell of all these repellents is bound to drive them away. Peppermint oil and Tabasco sauce are both very good natural repellents as they overpower the senses of the mouse. Soak a cotton ball in either of the two and place it in frequently visited areas.

Apart from that, onions also work very well. Mice hate the smell of onion but make sure to keep them in a place where your pet will not be able to reach them, as it could be poisonous for them. Another great repellent is used kitty litter. It makes the mice think there is a predator in the house. Toilet fresheners are also good, as they have a strong smell as well. 

4. Use Humane Mouse Traps

Humane traps are those that do not kill the mouse. They just trap them, and then you can release them back outside. Humane traps are an excellent option if the mice have infested your camper. There are the box traps that allow the mouse to go in but not to get back out.

Setting up these traps is very easy. You just need to set up the trap door and put an attractive bait inside. Then you wait for the mouse to trap themselves. Many people also resort to using poisons. However, those can have an adverse effect on humans as well, and it is best to avoid them. 

5. Get a Pet Cat

Cats are the natural predators of mice. They are an immediate red signal for the mice. However, you must make sure your cat is one that can hunt. That’s right, not all cats will help with your mice problem. The best kind of cat would be one that has lived outside for a while and knows how to hunt. A domesticated cat will not help that much, although they still might be a little effective as they leave a scent trail behind them by rubbing against objects. And then, of course, you will have the kitty litter which, as we discussed earlier, is a natural mouse repellent. 

6. Invest in an Ultrasonic Rat Repellents

Ultrasonic repellents produce high-frequency sounds that pests such as mice and rats find extremely unpleasant. The sound that they produce measures above 20,000 Hz, which is more or less undetected by the human ear. However, in rodents, it can produce various effects such as confusion and convulsions. It can also cause them to die. The sound it produces sends them into a frenzy, and they scramble for a safer place. This sound will not affect pets like cats or dogs, but if you have other rodents such as hamsters, then you will want to be careful with these repellents. 

7. Everyday Cleaning

Mice absolutely hate clean spaces. There is nothing there to entertain them. In contrast, a dirty environment would be their playground, and they would be much more comfortable there. So make sure you clean your living space regularly. You will want to use anti-bacterial cleaning products, as they can disinfect your living space properly and their smell will discourage mice. In addition to that, be sure to not leave any food waste or dirty dishes in the sink, as that could also attract mice. 

Natural Methods to Get Rid of Mice - Video Overview

To make this guide easier to understand, we have included a video guide that can help you out further. The video starts off by discussing why poisons are harmful to use inside the house and how traps can be very messy.

A more efficient way to deal with these pests is peppermint oil. It is safe to use around pets and children, as well. It further mentioned that although peppermint oil is inexpensive, it is not available in regular stores, so you must find out where to buy it. 


Traps and poisons are not always the answer when it comes to dealing with mice. There are amazing natural repellents that can get the job done, as well. All you really need to do is be careful and follow the steps from this guide, and your mice problem will be no more. 

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