How-to Keep Mice Away – 2019 Informational Guide

As soon as the weather starts to get colder, mice start to look for a warm, cozy place to settle in.

Unfortunately, that warm, cozy place is your house, but it doesn't have to be! This informational guide will tell you all you need to know about keeping mice away.

In this guide, we'll tell you how to make your house less welcoming for those free-loading mice. Let's get started! 

Six Steps That Answer, "How to Keep Mice Away?"

Sometimes you unknowingly make your house a five-star hotel for mice where they can stay, free of cost. That can be prevented in a few steps. You only need to be a bit more careful and keep an eye out for things that could attract those pesky creatures. So without further ado, let's get rid of some mice.

1. Find Entry Ways and Seal Them

First of all, you need to take down the "we're open!" sign. Look for every possible entry point and seal it off. If the mice cannot get in, they cannot cause you any distress. Now, how do you identify these entry points? Well, there are several, starting with your doors and windows. Be sure not to leave doors and windows open unnecessarily, especially garage doors. Often, the infestation will start because the mice have infiltrated your garage. Apart from that, possible entry points are gaps in the window and door frames.

Weathering can cause some damage to your house, for example, cracks or holes in the roof or the walls. For mice, these cracks or holes are like their personal front doors. In addition to that, be sure to check for gaps created by cables, air conditioners, etc. They may seem narrow to you, but they are more than large enough for mice. Another thing to be careful of are the ventilation vents. Mice can enter from there as well, so make sure to protect them with mouse-proof mesh. The great thing is that mice cannot chew through this mesh like they would with any regular mesh.

2. Store Your Foods Properly

Make sure you cut off the food supply. This is very important because if the mice are getting a good food supply, they will keep coming back. Make sure your kitchen is the most unwelcoming place the mice have ever seen. You can do that by storing your food properly. Don't leave anything out in the open, not even leftovers. Make sure you wrap up everything and leave your kitchen spic and span. Airtight containers are your best friends. They will stop the smell of the food from getting out. If the mice cannot smell it, they will not know there is any food there.

Also, make sure that your dust bin has a tight-fitting lid, so mice are not able to salvage anything from there. Make it a habit to clean up thoroughly after every meal. That includes wiping the counters, doing the dishes, etc. Even if you leave just crumbs behind, the mice will come running to get their tiny paws on them. You should apply the same rules to your pantry, as well. Anything in the pantry should have a tight lid on it and should be stored in something mice can't chew through. 

3. Try Natural Home Remedies

Natural remedies can also be an effective way to deal with mice. These are safer to use, particularly around children and pets, as there is a lesser chance of them getting injured by traps meant for the mice. These remedies mainly target the keen sense of smell they have. For example, peppermint oil works great for mice. It may be pleasant-smelling for us humans, but for the mice, the scent is way too powerful. Dipping a cotton ball and putting it in places mice might prefer will help a lot. 

Other remedies include the use of onions, which also have a pungent smell mice just hate. Tabasco sauce will have that same effect and will discourage the mice from visiting. Apart from that, used kitty litter works wonders for your mouse problem. Cats are predators and mice will be wary of entering your house if it smells like a potential enemy. They are really careful creatures, so they will not risk going to a place that clearly smells of trouble. Lastly, a toilet freshener could also come in handy as it has a very strong, overpowering scent, as well. 

4. Use Mouse Traps or Poison

Another way to keep these pesky rodents away is to use traps and poisons. These are quite convenient if you are looking for quick results. These are especially good when mice are greater in number. You will find single and multiple feed mouse poisons. These basically mean the amount of time the mice have to intake the poison for it to show effects. Of course, single feed poisons work better, as mice only intake a tiny amount of food per day. 

Therefore, multiple feed poison is most likely just to make it sick. The thing about poisons is that you want to be extremely careful while using them, as they could be dangerous for children, as well as pets.

Traps are also a popular option. You can choose the classic snap traps or the more modern electric traps. Some electric traps are more preferred as they do not make a mess and you can get a no-see, no-touch experience with them.

 A more humane kind of trap is the box trap. This just entraps the mouse instead of killing it. You can release it back outside once you capture one. However, a trap will only work if the bait is attractive.

5. Call a Professional Exterminator

The moment you make the decision to call a professional exterminator, know that you are in a code-red situation. You can identify this situation quite easily. In fact, all these signs will most probably be directly proportional to your distress.

As the mice grow in number, you will start to notice an increased number of droppings and an awful smell of mouse urine. You will also start to notice different kinds of scrapings, for example, shreds of paper, cardboard, etc. These are items mice use to make their nests. 

So if you start to see signs like these, it's definitely time to call the exterminator. There are other quite apparent and horrifying signs, as well. For example, you might encounter a mouse in plain sight. Even worse, you may ​find a dead mouse.

Another alarming sign is the scampering noises coming from an unknown source. This could only mean one thing, and that is you have mice inside your walls. This is extremely dangerous, as they can cause damage to your home from places you cannot even see or reach. So it is best to contact the exterminator A.S.A.P.! 

The cost required to get them exterminated depends on the size of your property. On average, calling an exterminator will cost you anywhere between $400 and $1000. Furthermore, if you want to prevent an infestation from happening again, make sure you thoroughly follow step one. 

6. Keep Your House and Garage Spic and Span

This step may be the last on the list, but this does not mean it should be the last thing you do. Keeping your house and garage spic and span is a measure you should incorporate with all the other steps. Think of it as a constant factor while getting rid of mice. Why? Because mice absolutely hate cleanliness. There is a very good reason for that. When things are messy and cluttered, mice have all the space they need to hide. Plus, they can scavenge a good supply from crumbs and leftovers. Even your dirty dishes are gourmet food for them.

So be sure to de-clutter, dust, and make things shine. Do not leave your dirty dishes in the sink. Using detergents that have a scent can also be helpful as the scent will discourage mice. Apart from that, the use of antibacterial products will make sure that none of your dishes and tableware are contaminated, and you are safe from contracting any diseases transferred through rodents. In conclusion, the cleaner your house is, the less inclined mice will be to visit your house or garage, and even if they do, by chance, they will not be sticking around. 

Keeping Mice Away - Video Overview

The video linked in this article makes it easier to understand the steps we have discussed. It details everything you need to tackle your mice crisis. This includes traps, mothballs, steel wool, and a few other materials. The video shows effective ways to set up traps, as well as good locations to place them in. It also shows that peanut butter is an amazing bait for mice and will attract them more than anything else. 

Looking for and sealing holes and gaps is also advised in the video. It says to blocks holes with steel wool, so the mice will not be able to chew through it. Lastly, it advises storing food properly, so the mice lose access to their food supply. 


These steps can really help you rid your house from those pesky mice. Make sure to make your house rodent-proof in any possible way and clean your living space regularly. Furthermore, if you feel like the infestation is of a larger scale or you cannot handle it on your own, do not hesitate to call an exterminator. The sooner you work on getting rid of the mice, the better, as they can be very dangerous to your health, as well as your house.

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