Best Mouse Bait – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Anyone who has ever dealt with rats and mice knows just how much mayhem and damage these little critters can cause.

The rodent population, if left unchecked, can get out of hand.

However, with the right bait, you can entice the mice lurking nearby and get rid of your rodent problem

Comparison Chart of the Best Mouse Bait


Neogen Havoc 116372

  • Unique formula starts killing with just a single night feeding
  • Effective solution to the rodent problem makes it the best overall product
  • Strong second-generation anticoagulant, Brodifacoum, helps kill all kinds of rats
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Motomco Tomcat

  • One ounce of bait block can kill at least 12 mice
  • Ideal for use in homes and agricultural building thus making it the runner-up product
  • Highly effective in killing anticoagulant resistant Norway rats, house mice, and roof rats
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First Strike Soft Bait

  • Soft construction makes it easy to secure on bait station rods
  • Unique and cost-effective rodenticide bait which is best for the money
  • Special packaging allows the smell of the bait to escape thus making it more attractive to rodents
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Neogen Rodenticide 00615

  • Can be used in any weather
  • Wax-free formula which is suitable for use in wet and damp areas
  • Extremely effective rat poison which serves as the best bait for mouse glue trap
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Rat Bait Station

  • Easy installation makes it highly convenient
  • Perfect for all types of bait including bait blocks, pellets, or nuggets
  • All-weather station ideal for both indoor and outdoor use making it the best mouse bait station
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Is All Mouse Bait The Same?

Although all mouse bait is lethal, it is all not the same. Some types contain anticoagulants such as bromadiolone, warfarin, and diphacinone as the active ingredient. They cause internal bleeding in mice, thus resulting in death due to internal hemorrhage. Some products contain a non-anticoagulant ingredient, bromethalin, which affects the nervous system of the rodents. It increases the level of calcium in the blood, causing liver, heart, or kidney failure.

Rat baits can be further divided into fast and slow poison. The first generation rodenticides kill the rodents slowly after several days of feeding. Rats need to eat this bait repeatedly in order to have the best results. While fast baits, on the other hand, need just a single feeding to be effective.   

What Makes Great Mouse Bait?

Although there are many effective mouse baits available, they should also have the following features to make them exemplary:

Safe Around Pets and Children

Good mouse bait is one which can be safely used around pets and children. For instance, anticoagulant rat poisons are harmful to other animals as well. You can also make some safe rat poisons at home using the ingredients that are easily available at the supermarket or the hardware store.  

Should Be Effective 

There are two types of rat poisons – first-generation and second-generation. First-generation baits are designed to kill rodents after several doses. For instance, warfarin, an anticoagulant, was developed as rats do not eat too much of unfamiliar food. However, rats developed a resistance to certain rodenticides which necessitated second-generation poisons, which were introduced and could kill rodents in a single feeding. Both of these baits are effective, but you should choose one which suits your requirements.

Should Have a Long Shelf Life

Mouse bait should have a long life so that the product stays fresh longer and can be used over a long period of time.    

Quick Take - Best Mouse Bait

In a hurry? Here are the best mouse bait:

  1. Neogen Havoc 116372
  2. Motomco Tomcat
  3. First Strike Soft Bait

Review of the Best Mouse Bait

Mouse baits nowadays is a lot more effective than before, as they are being formulated using special ingredients that attract the rodents and tempt them to eat. Which mouse bait is suitable for your infestation? The following are some of the best mouse baits available today:

Best Overall:
 Neogen Havoc 116372

Neogen Havoc 116372 Rodenticide Bait Place Packs, Ready-To-Use Pallets For Control Of Norway Rats, Roof Rats and House Mice, 0.005% Brodifacoum, 40 x 2 x 50g


  • Available in ready-to-use place packs
  • Convenient to use, as opening the pouch is not necessary
  • Low-profile XT blocks with gnawing edges that the rodents love
  • Contains food-grade ingredients rodents cannot resist
  • Most palatable, weather-resistant bait is effective in the toughest infestations


  • Not available in smaller quantities
  • Is a bit more expensive than other products

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are very satisfied with this product, as it helps to get rid of their infestation problem effectively. They have found this product to be cheaper than hiring a professional exterminator. Moreover, it is formulated with a brodifacoum anticoagulant, which kills rats almost instantly once ingested. The ingredients in this bait are poisonous, yet attractive to mice. This second-generation rat poison acts slowly as compared to other products available. This makes it safe, even if you have pets around.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The best thing about this bait is that it is supplied in little safety packages. The rats have to gnaw through these packets in order to eat. It is fast-acting and causes the rat to dehydrate and die soon after eating. Due to dehydration, the rats usually venture out of the house to search for water and die outside, thus ensuring no lingering smell of the rotting carcass. Moreover, this product is weather-resistant. You can leave it outside in bait boxes even if it is raining and wait for the rats to bite.

Who Will Use This Most

This product is effective in controlling Norway rats, house mice, and roof rats. It comes in pre-packed packs for a no-touch bait delivery system which is safe and convenient. It is one of the most palatable and weather-resistant baits that is effective in the toughest infestation. It is ideal for use around industrial, commercial, residential, agricultural, and public buildings.

Bottom Line

The Neogen Havoc 116372 is a unique formula that provides excellent control and starts killing within a week of taking the lethal dose. Its patented food processing technique makes for an irresistible and a more palatable formulation ensures high acceptance from rodents. With this product, you can be sure your rat infestation will be solved within days.

 Motomco Tomcat

Motomco Tomcat Mouse and Rat Bromethalin Pellets, 5-Pound


  • Contains active ingredient bromethalin which
  • Starts killing rats and mice within a couple of days
  • Rats stop feeding after a lethal dose which means less bait is used
  • Ideal for use in rat burrows found at a distance of 100 feet from buildings
  • Takes effective care of the rodent problem before it turns into an infestation


  • Not suitable for use around pets or children

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers have found this product to be fast and effective in eliminating rodent population and stopping a severe infestation. They have praised the efficiency of this product and how this product alone has been enough to solve their rat problem. After using this product, they did not have to use any additional measures like calling a professional or setting up sticky traps.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The best thing about this product is that more rodents can be eliminated with less bait. It is an ideal combination of effective control and palatability. Its active ingredient, bromethalin, is an acute, non-anticoagulant toxicant affects the rodent’ snervous system and starts killing mice and rats within two or more days. It is an all-weather bait and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Who Will Use This Most

This product is ideal for farms and homes with a large population of rodents, including Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice. It attacks the nervous system of the rats and ensures their death after consuming a lethal dose. They are the perfect choice for burrow baiting. However, they should be used in rat burrows that are 100 feet away from the building.

Bottom Line

If you are facing a rat infestation and are looking for a quick solution, then the Motomco Tomcat is a perfect choice. With this product, you can save money and disinfect your house within days. However, make sure that you keep it away from pets, children, and other animals.

Best for the Money:
 First Strike Soft Bait

First Strike Soft Bait RAT/MICE Rodenticide Poison - 16 LBS 6666325


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Absence of wax makes it more attractive to mice and rats
  • Second generation coagulant provides favorable results
  • Maintains integrity and palatability in both hot and cold environment
  • Shows high acceptance by rodents even when alternate food sources are available


  • Not safe for use around kids and pets

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers have found this product easy to use and lethal. Its soft nature makes it easier to place in bait rod stations easily. Its active ingredient, difethialone, is highly effective against rodents. Moreover, it does not have wax, but its aroma is tantalizing for the mouse, which makes the rodents hungry for a bite. Another thing buyers like about this product is that it does not melt like other poisons, thus making it easier to clean and service the bait stations.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a unique, soft rodenticide which is formulated with difethialone, which is a fast-acting, second-generation anticoagulant. It is highly effective in solving your rodent problem. It is available in specially-designed packets which are not necessary to open. Rodents like to gnaw through the packets, as they find the aroma irresistible. You can easily apply them until rodent activity decreases. One feeding could prove lethal with dead rodents appearing after four or five days.

Who Will Use This Most

This product can be used any time you suspect rodent activity. It is ideal for places where it is not possible to remove secondary food choices, such as manufacturing plants, barnyards, and restaurants. They must be used in tamper-proof bait stations and placed in garages, warehouses, houses, and many more.

Bottom Line

With First Strike Soft Bait, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product that will rid your building of rats and mice. Its combination of palatability and performance is available at very attractive prices. Moreover, its soft nature makes it easy to use. Just identify the areas where there is mouse activity and start eliminating them as they feed on this lethal bait.

Best Bait for Mouse Glue Traps:
 Neogen Rodenticide 00615

NEOGEN RODENTICIDE 00615 4Lb Ramik 1/2' Nuggets, 4 lb


  • Specially-formulated for high palatability
  • Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors
  • Effectively attracts rodents to mouse glue traps
  • Food-quality grain mix in the shape of nuggets is convenient to use
  • Death of rodents may occur within 4-5 days of consumption of a lethal dose


  • Not safe around pets and kids
  • May take some time to see favorable results

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers report that rats love this stuff. They don’t eat it all but carry it to their nest or to some other hidden location not far from where it was set out. So, if a big pile disappears and there is still increased rat activity, it does not mean that this product isn’t working. It just takes the rats a little time to consume it all. Buyers also say they have experienced a significant decrease in the rat population after about a week.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The unique formula of Neogen Rodenticide 00615 is formulated without wax. It is highly palatable, which is why rats find it very appealing. It is able to retain its freshness, effectiveness, and sweetness in a long-lasting nugget form. These weather-resistant nuggets are hot-extruded. With this product, you will see the first dead mouse within four or five days.

Who Will Use This Most

This product can be used in any weather both outdoors and indoors. Moreover, it is suitable for wet and damp areas and is effective in killing rats and mice. The nuggets are produced with the help of food processing technology, which makes them unusually palatable. These features ensure that this product is ideal for every place where there is a rat infestation.

Bottom Line

Rats and mice are carriers of diseases, can consume valuable feed and water on the farm, and can cause considerable damage to the property. With the Neogen Rodenticide 00615, you can effectively address your rodent problem and ensure a healthy environment for you and your family.

Best Mouse Bait Station:
 Rat Bait Station

Rat Bait Station 2 Pack - Rodent Bait Station with Key Eliminates Rats Fast. Keeps Children and Pets Safe (2 Pack) (Bait not Included)


  • Can be placed vertically for extra security
  • Comes in a pack of two, making it a cost-effective product
  • Lockable station is safe for pets and non-target animals
  • Tamper-resistant product ensures the safety of your kids and pets
  • Reusable and durable product is able to withstand tough indoor and outdoor conditions


  • Holes are big enough for squirrels to get in
  • Many buyers complained that it came with only one key, when two are required to open this station

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are very happy with this product, as it helps them save on the cost of contracting an exterminator. They find it to be a deal not to be missed, as this station comes in a pack of two. The locking mechanism makes this product safe. It ensures that kids will not be able to open or ingest any of the bait.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The various features of this product make it one of the best bait stations available. It is easy to set up and is made with high-quality materials that ensure its long life. Moreover, it can be placed both outside and inside, as it is able to withstand hot and cold weather easily.

Who Will Use This Most

This versatile and universal product can be used conveniently by everyone. You can use any type of rodent bait in this rat bait station depending on your preference. It can be placed anywhere, making it suitable for commercial, residential, and agricultural buildings. People who have kids or pets can also use this product with complete peace of mind.

Bottom Line

The Redtop Rat Bait Station is a simple and reliable product which comes in a pack of two. Its amazing tamper-resistant design and ease of use make it a safe and effective product. If you want a rat bait station that is pet-friendly and secure, this is the product for you.

Types of Mouse Bait

Mouse bait is sold in various forms nowadays. They are:


Some rat baits are available in pellet form. They are powerful, effective, and convenient to use.

Extruded Blocks

These are small blocks of bait, available in an assortment of colors. They are designed in a way which is highly attractive to rats. Some also have an attractive scent, which rodents find irresistible.   


The powdered form of mouse bait is sprinkled in areas where there is increased rat activity. The powder sticks to the rat’s fur. It has been observed that rats groom themselves quite often, and when they do, they ingest the powder. As a result, the rat dies within hours.

Soft Bait Packs

The soft bait packs are wrapped in plastic and sprayed with an oil-scented compound to attract the rats. The plastic wrap makes it safe for humans, as the hands do not come in direct contact with the bait. The rats gnaw through the plastic to eat the bait.

Chemical Baits

The most common chemical rat poison is brodifacoum, which is a potent anticoagulant. It causes the rat to die from internal bleeding.

Natural Baits

There are some natural baits also which contain corn meal gluten and salt. It coats the stomach lining of the rat, making it believe that it does not have to drink, thus killing the rat due to dehydration. This type of bait is safe for use around pets and children.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Before buying mouse bait, you should keep the following considerations in mind:

Price and Effectiveness

It is vital that you buy a product which is price-friendly and effective in meeting your requirements. Make sure that you read the reviews and find out the kind of experience people had with the product that you choose.


Consider the safety of the product by analyzing its side effects and making sure the product is reliable. Read the instructions on the product carefully to ensure it is safe for use around pets and children.

Suitable for Your Environment

You need to pick a product that works best with your specific and current situation. Make sure that it works in your environment and is able to get rid of your rat infestation.


If you are facing a large infestation, then you should choose a product which is available in large quantities. However, if you have a few rats here and there, it is best to choose single poison bait stations.


Finding the best bait can be quite a challenge. With a wide variety of bait options, it can be daunting to find a bait that works for you. We hope the above tips will help you get through the process of searching for the best product quickly, and you can effectively get rid of these unwanted rodents.

People Also Ask

It is better to be careful when using mouse bait and to make sure you research thoroughly before making a purchase. In addition to the above information, people also ask the following questions.

Where Do You Put Mouse Bait?

For successful baiting, it is better to have several small bait placements instead of putting large amounts of bait in fewer locations. If there is a source of food near the bait, the mouse will not touch the bait, therefore, remove all the other sources of food. Make sure that you place the bait:

  • At openings outside the building where the mice may enter
  • Several mouse baits at short distances from each other
  • Close to the walls, otherwise the mice will bypass it
  • On the exact places where you find characteristic droppings of feces and urine  

Can You Put Mice Bait Outside?

Some mouse bait is specially formulated for outdoor use. Such products are not only effective but are also potent. However, make sure that you place the bait inside bait stations. This will ensure the safety of your pets, kids, and other animals such as birds, squirrels, etc.

Do Outdoor Bait Stations Attract Mice?

Regardless of their content, bait stations will not attract mice and rats unless they are located in areas of rodent activity. Place these stations against walls, near rodent burrows, and along their travel routes preferably between the rodent's shelter and food supply. Look for signs of tracks, gnawing, droppings, and rub marks to identify places suitable for placing bait stations.

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