Best Mouse Poison – Updated Review [2019]

Do you have a mice infestation in your house? Undomesticated mice can not only be annoying but are also the carriers of multiple diseases and pose many health hazards.

Therefore, it is crucial to take care of any infestation, big or small. You might notice a couple of them at first and shrug it off as not a big deal. However, they multiply really quickly and soon they’ll take over storage spaces, garages, crawlspaces, basements, etc., wherever they can find a home. 

An efficient and low-cost way of getting rid of them is by using poisonous baits. These come in many packages by different brands and have several types. Thus, they can be a confusing purchase. To help make it easier for you, we have for you an in-depth post that’ll aid you in deciding the best product for you and give you answers to all your queries.  

Comparison Chart of the Best Mouse Poison


JT Eaton 709-PN

  • Active ingredient is Diphacinone
  • Excellent formula makes it the best overall
  • Anticoagulant block bait, which is highly effective
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Tomcat Bait Chunx

  • 4 lbs. net weight
  • Active ingredient is bromethalin
  • Reliability of the product makes it the runner-up
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Neogen Rodenticide

  • Has ½ inch nuggets is 4lbs
  • Diphacinone is the major active ingredient
  • Great price point makes it the best for money
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Farnam Just One Bite II

  • 64 with 2oz chunks
  • 0-005% Bromadiolone
  • Comes in a bulk size 8lbs. box
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Contrac Blox Rodent Control

  • Has 0.005% Bromadiolone
  • Yield of the product is 18 lbs
  • Pail contains about 288 blocks
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Is all Mouse Poison the Same?

Mouse poison comes in an array of shapes, forms, and colors. Different brands take different approaches; some color-code their products, some don’t. You can’t judge a product by what it looks like, as two poison types may look the same, yet have different active ingredients. It all comes down to how the product works and what it is made of.

Mostly, there are common groups of compounds used in poison by brands that have a similar effect on the mouse and leads to its death. However, poison may be single feed or double feed, which means some poison works after just one round of ingestion, whereas others need to be ingested multiple times to have their full effect. 

How to Choose Mouse Poison

There are so many poisons in the market, causing many people to wonder which one is worth investing in. We have all heard the horrible tales of putting out baits which turned out to be unreliable and ended up inviting more insects and rodents than were there to begin with. Thus, it’s important to invest in the right product. But what makes a product good? Here are the factors you should consider: 


Mouse poison is largely available in two forms; pellets and blocks. It is up to you to choose the form which works for you. The difference between them is limited to your use of the product. Blocks are manageable and can be used on their own, whereas pellets are better used with bait stations and mouse traps, as it is dangerous to leave them just laying around. 

How Much Do You Need?

You first need to have an idea of how big the infestation is and how many rodents you are dealing with. Normally, a product has an ample number of blocks or pellets to deal with any number of rodents. They have at least a couple hundred blocks which may be enough for an average consumer. If you feel that isn’t enough, you can purchase multiples. 


Price isn’t the major concern for many people, as mouse poison generally isn’t expensive. However, if you note that infestations happen every season or every few months, then you should maybe consider the price of the product. If you’re going to be repurchasing it frequently, it might be expensive in the long run. 

Bait Needs to be Attractive

The bait you invest in should be attractive enough for the rodent to feed on it. This is usually achieved by flavoring the bait. This is an excellent technique for luring in the rodents. If you find that the bait you leave out is going uneaten, then perhaps you need to switch to an option that is more appealing to them.  

Quick Take - Best Mouse Poison

In a hurry? Here are the best mouse poison:

  1. JT Eaton 709-PN
  2. Tomcat Bait Chunx
  3. Neogen Rodenticide

Review of the Best Mouse Poison 

Here are some of the most reliable mouse poisons you can get your hands on in the market. We’ve categorized them so you can find the one that suits your needs best. Let’s take a look. 

Best Overall:
 JT Eaton 709-PN

JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait, Peanut Butter Flavor, for Mice and Rats (9 lb Pail of 144)


  • Reliable
  • Effective formula
  • Comes in a pack of 144
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Peanut butter flavor attracts rats and mice well


  • Not the strongest poison
  • Takes slightly longer to be effective
  • Some people complained that it attracts slugs and snails in the garden

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were impressed with the working of this product. They found that rats loved this bait and commended it for attracting many. They noticed that it attracted more rats than any other bait they had used and was slow but effective in eventually killing them This unit thus proved to be a consumer favorite.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us for having an effective active ingredient. This product is an anticoagulant and is highly effective in getting rid of rodents. The pack also has a good number of blocks, thus, you won’t run out of them too soon, which is another plus. Of course, no one wants to keep purchasing a product over and over again.

Who Will Use This Most

This would be great for people finding it hard to lure the rodents in. This product is peanut butter flavored and is great to attract any rodents giving you a hard time. You’ll be surprised by how much these animals love to feed on this product, which is great, as it is effective after a couple of times of ingesting it.

Bottom Line

Overall, it is an excellent product. It comes in a pack of 144, which is sufficient. Plus, this product is formulated to be highly effective and reliable. The one-year guarantee given by the brand on this product further makes it an excellent investment. It truly deserves the best overall spot on our list.

Tomcat Bait Chunx Pail 4 LB


  • Reliable
  • Excellent formula
  • Less toxic on non-targeted animals
  • Only small portions need to be used
  • Anticoagulant active ingredient is highly effective


  • Isn’t time-efficient
  • Doesn’t work on squirrels
  • Works under limited settings

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were happy with the working of this product. You need to be a little patient with this product, as it takes time to show results, but the results are worth the wait. The overall results of this product make it an excellent investment. However, it only kills mice, leaving other animals that ingest it not severely harmed.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us for being one of the most reliable products in the market. It has an excellent formula which kills rats in a comparatively lesser time frame than many other available poison options. At the same time, it ensures it doesn’t kill other animals.

Who Will Use This Most

This is meant to be used mostly in rural and agricultural settings. Thus, it wouldn’t be great for your urban apartments or homes. However, if you live more towards the countryside, it would work well for you.

Bottom Line

All in all, it is a great product, and you can’t go wrong with it. It comes from a highly reliable brand. It is better than many of its counterparts.

Best for the Money:
Neogen Rodenticide

NEOGEN RODENTICIDE 00615 4Lb Ramik 1/2' Nuggets, 4 lb


  • Reliable
  • Wax-free formula
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Works for multiple settings
  • Can keep up with harsh weather


  • Shows slow results
  • Quantity isn’t sufficient
  • Poisonous to non-targeted animals as well

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were happy with the performance of this product. They seem to like it a lot. The mice like the taste of it and come back for more, which is good as it shows effectiveness gradually, due to it not being the strongest formula. Also, it can work even in harsh conditions, making it a highly effective mouse poison.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us for being an excellent investment. It is a great bang for the buck. The reliability and effectiveness of the product make it worthy of being featured on this list. It truly beats many other poisons on the market, in terms of performance.

Who Will Use This Most

This would be great for those who have a recurring mouse infestation problem. This unit is affordable in the long-run as it is inexpensive, to begin with. It works well for wet and damp areas as well, so those living on farms, barns, or in other damp areas can benefit from it.

Bottom Line

This product is another great one. It is the perfect option for those who don’t want to spend $50 on mouse poison. It works more efficiently and effectively than many of its counterparts.

Farnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks, 8lbs (64, 2 oz chuncks)


  • Reliable
  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Doesn’t smell bad
  • Attracts mice well


  • High-priced
  • Doesn’t work for squirrels
  • Dry texture makes them crumbly and slightly messy

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were happy with the working of this product. It is highly operational and not gimmicky at all. It does what it claims to do well and puts up a great competition with many higher-end products. Despite not working on squirrels, it is still loved by many for its ability to attract mice.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us for working effectively. This product isn’t the strongest poison, yet seems to attract mice and kill them efficiently, which is rare for the formula it features.

Who Will Use This Most

This poison is meant to be used in or around agricultural buildings only. It seems to work great for the general consumer, though. The formula and texture make it highly inclusive and effective.

Bottom Line

This is a great investment to make. It comes from a reliable brand, and the formula it features seems to work great. It is efficient and effective, which makes it better than most of its counterparts.

18 LB Contrac Blox Rodent Control Rodenticide Kills Mice & Rats


  • Effective
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use and manageable
  • Less toxic to non-targeted animals
  • Has an antidote available if ingested


  • High-priced
  • Not the strongest
  • Can only be used with a bait station

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were happy with their purchase. To many, this proved to be much more effective than any other product they had previously invested in. They found it to be worthy of the price it is sold at, despite the high cost.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us for being effective and reliable. You can’t go wrong with this product. It works as it claims and is highly manageable. In addition to that, if it is ingested by something other than rats, there’s an antidote available, thus ensuring the safety of other animals.

Who Will Use This Most

This product is great for those dealing with a large mice infestation. The quantity and the shelf life of this product make it perfect to be used for a long period of time and is perfect for numerous mice. It will work for anyone if you use it in small quantities, but it particularly takes care of mice in larger numbers.

Bottom Line

Our last recommended mouse poison is certainly not the least. The one thing you expect out of a product of this nature is reliability, and it truly provides that. The brand is a trustworthy and reputable one, which further ensures you can’t go wrong with it. It is a worthy investment you should definitely make.

Types of Mouse Poison 

Mouse poison differs in three ways. They differ by color, by form, and by active ingredients. We’ve talked about how the form of mouse poison affects its working. The two forms are block and pellet. There may be different colors of mouse poison. However, this isn’t the most significant difference, but the active ingredients are an integral part of the formula and are what matter most. Let’s look at their division by different active ingredients: 


This was discovered in the ‘40s and is one of the earliest active ingredients used. It is an anticoagulant which works by preventing blood from clotting and causing death by hemorrhaging. It is one of the active ingredients known as the first-gen mouse poison. The overuse of this ingredient led to rodents becoming resistant to it. 


It is a second-gen mouse poison and works by stopping the rodent from recycling vitamin K ,which is needed to clot blood. After the mice run out of vitamin K for blood clotting, it takes several days for them to die from internal bleeding. 


This is another one of the mouse poisons which operate as an anticoagulant and vitamin K antagonist, leading to death by internal bleeding. It has been around since the ‘90s and is considered one of the weaker mouse poisons due to its multiple feeding phenomena. 

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind 

Regardless of how long you’ve been considering opting for this method of rodent control, it is always dangerous. No matter how weak or strong your poison is, upon ingestion by toddlers or pets, it still can cause multiple health conditions. Thus, it needs to be carefully handled. Here are certain considerations to make when using this method of controlling rat or mouse infestations: 

  1. Carefully lace out your bait. Be very careful when placing the poison. If you have placed it somewhere you fear pets or toddlers can get access to, make sure you keep a close eye on them, so they don’t end up getting sick instead of the rodent you are targeting.

  2. Not everyone can use every type of mouse poison. The distribution of mouse poison is regulated by the state you live in. Therefore, research the rules and regulations prior to buying and using a product. Second-gen mouse poison isn’t allowed to be used everywhere. In fact, it is only allowed in certain states.

  3. Small mice can squeeze into tiny spaces. Thus at tight entrances and pathways, place strong mouse poison, so it is immediately effective on the animal.

  4. Be quick to dispose of any dead mice you find lying around the house as they are equally hazardous to your health as when they are alive. Don’t wait for insects to gather around and leave you with the bigger problem of an insect infestation! 


By now, you know about the different types, brands, and formulas of poison you can invest in, along with our reviewed products, which can definitely help you through that decision. Don’t fall for super hyped-up products, do your own research and act quickly on the matter of rodent infestations, as they can pose serious health threats to you and your family. Investing in a reliable product is crucial and all those on our list are truly some of the best and most trustworthy. Stay safe and keep yourself healthy! 

People Also Ask

If you haven’t used this type of product before, you might have a lot of questions. Therefore, in this section, we’ve answered many most frequently asked queries to help you understand this product better. Hopefully, by the end of the post, all the doubts you had initially about this product are cleared and you have a better insight into it. 

How Do You Use Mouse Poison?

Mostly, mouse poison is in the form of pre-designed baits. Carefully notice and pay attention to the places in your house where you find maximum rodents or near the place you often hear them nibbling or chewing on food. These are the places where you need to place your bait. Depending upon how effective your bait is, you might need to repeat the process. You’ll notice things getting quieter and you’ll eventually find their bodies to dispose of, and that needs to be done immediately.  

How Long Does it Take for a Mouse to Die from Poison? 

This depends upon the effectiveness of the product. If it is a strong formula, it will work sooner. However, if the formula isn’t the strongest, it takes time to show results. Furthermore, there are single feed poisons and multiple feed poisons. These work at different paces.  

What Does the Color in Mouse Poison Mean?

It isn’t that significant, actually. Some brands color-code their products according to the active ingredients; however, for most brands, that is not the case. The common colors you’ll see are green and yellow. The formula and active ingredients list, plus how the poison operates, are what you should be looking at instead of the color.  

Is it Safe to Use Mouse Poison in The House? 

It is risky to use this product in your house, especially if you have kids or pets. Upon ingestion, there can be many healthcare problems. You need to be extra careful when this is the case and teach your kids not to ingest the product. You can train your pets to do the same or put them in areas inaccessible to them.  

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