Best Electric Mouse Traps of 2019 – Complete Review

Rodents can be a real pain in the neck. And dealing with them can prove to be one of the the most difficult things you'll do in your life. They are extremely elusive and practically move at the speed of light.

However, our fight against these pests has been made easier, thanks to technology.

Nowadays, you can find electric mouse traps that can make your life much easier. To help you choose the best electric mousetrap, we have compiled a review of the best electric ones you can get. Let’s dive right in!

Comparison Chart of the Best Electric Mouse Traps


Rat Zapper RZC001

  • Can kill mice as well as average-sized rats
  • Can kill up to 20 rodents per set of batteries
  • This trap delivers a shock of 8000V, making it the best overall
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Pestrax Electronic Rodent Zapper

  • Capable of killing up to 30 mice per battery charge
  • Runner-up mousetrap delivers a shock of 7000 volts
  • Fitted with the special rodent smart circuit technology
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Victor M250S No Touch

  • Can assure a kill rate of 100%
  • Kill chamber can be removed from the trap
  • Offers quality at an affordable price, making it the best for the money.
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PestZilla Electronic Rodent Trap

  • Emits a current of 7000 volts
  • Comes with a 5 feet plug-in adapter
  • Can be operated with 4 ‘D’ batteries as well
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How Does an Electric Mouse Trap Work?

The way most electric mouse traps work is they have a little circuit. This circuit is made up of two separated metal plates. You only need to bait the mouse to step into the trap. As the mouse goes into it, it will inevitably step on both the metal plates. 

This completes the circuit, which then sends an electric shock strong enough to kill a mouse. It takes only a few seconds, making these traps the least painful way to kill mice. Use caution with these traps as they can also shock humans. Although the current may only be able to shock you gently, it can never hurt to be careful. 

How to Choose an Electric Mouse Trap

Choosing the right kind of trap can make a whole lot of difference to your situation. So, let’s go through a few things you should look out for while buying an electric mouse trap.


Size is crucial when considering which mouse trap to buy. The size and type of trap will depend on the type of rodent you are dealing with. If you are dealing with mice, then smaller traps would work perfectly. However, if your problem revolves around rats, you would have to choose a bigger one. 

What is the Kill Capacity?

Kill capacity can simply be translated into how many rodents your trap can kill. There are two types of electronic mouse traps. There are those that are battery-operated and ones that need to be plugged in. If your house has been invaded by a few mice, say two or three, battery-operated traps would work perfectly. However, if you are facing an infestation, then it’s best to opt for those that need to be plugged in. 

Is Your Electrical Trap Safe?

You must ask yourself this question before picking out an electrical mousetrap. Usually, these traps are well-designed and there is minimal chance of injury. They are definitely safer than all other kinds. However, make sure the one you choose is children and pet safe. The safest traps include a safety switch and will have a tunnel design. 

Quick Take -Best Electric Mouse Traps

In a hurry? Here are the best electric mouse traps:

  1. Rat Zapper RZC001
  2. Pestrax Electronic Rodent Zapper
  3. Victor M250S No Touch

Review of the Best Electric Mouse Traps

Now it is time to review the best electric mouse traps in detail. We will go in-depth with each product to make sure that nothing is left out. 

Best Overall:
Rat Zapper RZC001

Rat Zapper RZC001-2A Trap, 2 Pack


  • Best for people who are afraid of mice
  • Reusable trap can be used multiple times
  • Light on the trap helps indicate a kill or low battery
  • Easy to use, as the setup process is simple and requires no extra effort
  • Safe to set up anywhere, as it does not use chemical or poisonous substances


  • Cannot be used outdoors
  • Needs to be cleaned, as it can catch dirt and dust easily

What Recent Buyers Report

The majority of customers were very satisfied with their purchase, as this trap was quick and efficient. They deal with a good number of mice and are easy to dispose of. However, there have also been some reviews that reveal that it is very sensitive to dust and dirt. It needs to be taken care of, otherwise, it will stop working. However, with its high killing capacity, users love it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The trap delivers a shock of 8000 volts, which ensures a kill every time. That is one thing that definitely stands out about it. Other than that, it is extremely convenient and can be used multiple times. Moreover, features like the light function help the user know when a change of batteries is needed or if it has scored a kill.

Who Will Use This Most

The trap is best-suited for indoor conditions so it would work best for those who are suffering a rat problem within their walls. Furthermore, it is quite easy to use, so it is convenient for anyone who decides to purchase it.

Bottom Line

All in all, this rat trap is a very efficient device and is a quick way to deal with your problem. It always provides a confirmed kill and does not use any harmful substances in the process, either.

Electronic Rodent Zapper -Effective, Humane Exterminating Mice Killer Electric Mouse Trap - Electronic Rodent Rat Shock Trap - No Poison Electric Pest Control Rat, Squirrel, Mice Mouse Zapper Traps


  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Does not create any sort of mess and kills mice efficiently
  • Does not use harmful substances like poison or lethal chemicals
  • Equipped with a wireless sensor that traps the mouse inside the tunnel


  • Batteries can run out fast, as it consumes battery even when a mouse is not inside

What Recent Buyers Report

Most reviewers report that this trap works like magic. All you have to do is place the bait and turn it on. The rest it will work on its own. It can catch multiple little intruders, as the product details and it works both indoors and outdoors. The customer service, however, is something a few reviewers were not happy about. Still, they loved it for its effectiveness.

Why it Stands Out to Us

As mentioned previously, this trap is good for both outdoors and indoors. That means you will not have to buy separate ones for each area and you will not have to worry about it getting damaged. In addition to that, it does not need to be cleaned often, which makes it convenient to use.

Who Will Use This Most

People who are facing issues outside of their houses will find this product very useful. In addition to that, those looking for a sturdier trap will also put this to good use. Since it is safe to use around children and pets, those with families would use it.

Bottom Line

The Electronic Rodent Zapper by Pestrax certainly lives up to its claims. It helps you get rid of the invaders inside your home without making a mess. It has a good battery life and is safe to use overall.

Best for the Money:
Victor M250S No Touch

Victor M250S No Touch, No See Upgraded Electronic Mouse Trap - 1 Pack


  • Simple setup which makes it easy to use
  • Safe enough to use around children and pets
  • Removable chamber makes it easier to clean out
  • Long-lasting battery life which kills 100 mice per battery
  • No escape routes for mouse thanks to the beveled columns


  • Cannot be used for outdoor pests
  • Can only be used for mice, the size is not big enough for rats

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are very impressed by this electric trap. It definitely does what it says and gets the job done. In addition to that, it works fast and will have you mouse-free in a matter of a few hours according to reviews. But many reviewers have also reported that claim of the no-see, no-touch experience is not all true. Still, they were satisfied by the value and features it provides, given its price-point.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The main aspect that catches our attention is the 100 kill capacity. This means you will not have to repeat the exercise of changing batteries constantly. Furthermore, it is easy to clean since the chamber can come out.

Who Would Use This Most?

Mainly those with an indoor problem would use this product, as it cannot be used outdoors. Moreover, people with a set budget will also love it as it provides results without weighing your pocket down.

Bottom Line

If you want quantity and quality all in one, this electric mouse trap is the one for you. It is safe to use around kids and pets, so that’s one thing you will not have to worry about.

PestZilla 11 Electronic Rodent Trap - Powerful, Easy and Safe Way to Kill, Black


  • Clean-up process is extremely easy
  • No touching required; the whole process is very quick
  • Larger in size and can be effective for rats, chipmunks, etc.
  • Kills rodents in a matter of seconds, so they do not feel pain
  • Can be used in two different ways, whichever is more convenient for the user


  • Not suitable for use in outdoor settings

What Recent Buyers Report

There have not been a lot of complaints about this product. The buyers are happy with how efficiently it has been designed and how well it works. It deals quickly with the a smatter rodents, as well. However, some buyers did complain about the quality of customer service the company has to offer. Other benefits that the unit provides convinced the users that it is still a worthy purchase.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The size of this trap is large enough to accommodate even chipmunks. That is something that you do not see in a lot of units. Apart from that, it can be operated in any way you find to be easy. That is another thing that catches the eye.

Who Will Use This Most

This trap is also only suitable for indoor use. However, this can be used by people who are dealing with bigger rodents because of their size. People who are squeamish about looking at or having to handle dead animals will also find it to be very useful.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a very useful trap that can deal with various rodents. It is quick to provide results and makes sure that the job is done well. However, it should be kept in mind that the customer service of the company is not the best and may not be able to offer assistance when you need it.

Rodent Terminator - Electric Mouse and Rat Trap Kills All Sized Rats and Mice


  • Does not create a mess at all
  • Cleaning process is easy, quick, and efficient
  • Works in all sorts of weather, even in the rain
  • Does not use any poisonous or chemical substances
  • No chance of accidental shock as the circuit automatically disconnects


  • Housing is prone to breakage, so it needs to be cared for

What Recent Buyers Report

All in all, the reviews for this product are positive. It works well for most buyers and has given great results to the majority of the reviewers. However, some buyers have had issues with the overall quality and longevity of this product. Regardless, many recommend it to others, keeping in mind its ease of use and capability to work in all weather conditions.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The main aspect that stands out about this trap is that it can work in all weather conditions. That is something you do not see in many similar units. In addition to that, the fact that it does not accidentally shock the user is also something that catches our attention.

Who Will Use This Most

Since this trap can work in all weather conditions, those with outdoor problems would find it very useful. Also, those who are facing a larger number of invaders could make good use of it.

Bottom Line

This is a good trap, especially if you want to use it outdoors. It’s easy to use and quick and efficient. The batteries last long too, making this product very useful.

Pros and Cons of Electric Mouse Traps

In this section, we lay out some good and bad aspects of an electric mouse trap, so you can determine if you want to invest in it. 


Below are the main pros:


Using electric mouse traps will provide you with results quickly, sometimes even within an hour. Sure, other traps are successful as well, but they can take a long time to take effect. Meanwhile, these are fast, and most traps claim to have a 100% kill rate.


The efficiency of these traps cannot be questioned. They kill without creating a big mess and can help you get rid of your problem with ease. Disposing of the dead rodent is easier, too.

These do not require excessive cleaning and polishing. Mostly, you will have to worry about changing batteries, but that’s about it. 

Safe for Pets and Children

With most traps, you will not have to worry about them harming your pets or your children. As you know by now, electric traps do not use poisonous material. They are not as dangerous as other traps either. In fact, both children and pets have been taken into consideration when designing these. 


Below is the main con:


With electric traps, you will have to keep purchasing batteries every time you run out. Although this might not pose such a big problem, it is still an issue for some, nonetheless. Electric traps consume batteries, even when no rodent is present. So, this could result in batteries running out faster. 


For now, electric traps are perhaps the most humane way to deal with pests. They don't prolong the suffering of the mice and do not create a mess out of the whole situation. But for these to be effective, you must choose one that fits your situation best. We hope our review has helped you make that choice. May your fight against those pesky rodents be successful! 

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