Victor Live Mouse Trap Review 2020

If you’re looking for a live mouse trap that works well both inside and outside your house, then this Victor Live Mouse Trap Review is for you.

Some mousetraps may pose a health hazard to pets or small children, and may not be suitable around food or water sources.If these are among your concerns, rest easy, because the victor live mouse trap is safe for use in these situations.

The trap is effective and boasts of catching as many as 30 mice in one go.

Victor M310S TIN CAT Live Catch Mouse Trap


  • Victor live mouse traps are easy to use and hygienic
  • They are humane and won't harm or kill mice
  • The traps work effectively indoors and outdoors
  • They are safe around children, pets, food and water
  • They are highly recommended among professional trappers


  • Some of the metal edges may be sharp at times
  • The trap cover may be hard to open over time

The Design

  • The Victor live mouse trap is a single, catch and release, humane system.
  • It’s a lightweight trap, weighing less than 2 pounds overall. It is slightly over 10 inches wide.

The trap has two inner chambers that lure mice deep inside the trap with no chance of getting out unless you release them.It is reusable or you may choose to throw it out after the first use.

The toxic-free design is sanitary and safe to operate near children, food, pets or water.You never have to worry about touching or handling the mice with this efficient trap.


  • The trap is safe, sanitary and durable. It is capable of multiple catches of 12 or more mice in one go.
  • Indoors, you can place it in the attic, loft, behind furniture and appliances, pantries, cabinets or anywhere mice are present.
  • Outdoors, the Victor live mouse trap can work on farms, RV trailers, garages, sheds, barns, vegetable patches or anywhere else.
  • The mouse trap is affordable and the tin metal holds up well in all weather conditions. It does not rust and lasts long with care.
  • Users also like that it is safe, simple and highly functional.

Safe and Sanitary

Since mice like to feed on pet food, you’ll be happy to know the Victor mouse trap can help keep them away.

The trap uses no chemicals and can set up near your pet bowl, or any water source around the house. Children and pets can also move safely around the trap.


versatility of this mouse trap for indoor and outdoor use and the fact they can sometimes trap a host of mice in one catch.Another quality feature is the safety and hygienic components of the trap. It is safe around kids, pets and food.

Many users are comfortable using it, knowing handling the traps will not harm anyone.For customers who like humane traps, they find the Victor live mouse trap keep mice safe until they release them.There is no gore to clean up unlike other traditional forms of mouse traps.Cleaning and re baiting the trap is easy and stress-free.

Final Words

The trap is user-friendly, safe and humane. It works efficiently to catch mice indoors as well as outdoors.The trap is affordable, flexible, and easy to bait and clean.

Mice remain safe inside until you let them out.The metal trap is durable and sturdy and ideal for use in varying climates. The non-toxic design is safe to use around food, water, pets and children.


How to Set the Victor Live Mouse Trap

Setting the trap is so easy or if you want to know more details setting mouse traps you can check our post about it click here.Re baiting the trap is also a simple process.Place a tiny piece of bait in the chamber behind the vent holes and watch it start to work.

Position the trap flush with the wall or baseboards in the areas you desire.Several customers report catches of up to 3 mice in a few days and as many as 25 in a month.Mice have no fear of entering sometimes they also enter in your vehicle.

There are no harmful substances or edges to hurt or kill them.When you recognize a catch, disposing of is as easy as opening the lid and letting the mice go free.Clean the trap after each catch to keep it clean and wash away any lingering scent or droppings.

Simply apply fresh bait and put it back to work.