Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap Review 2020

Mouse may look cuddly and cute, but they are not our friends. They care only about their next meal and will go anywhere to find it.Rodents around your home should be cause for concern in so many ways.They breed very rapidly and can produce an army that can spread serious viruses and disease and also damage your property.

They also nest in furniture, appliances, lofts, flooring, basements, attics, and gardens.Do you want to reduce mice infection without killing them outright?

Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap Review will give you peace of mind while selecting a humane trap that works without harming them.

Victor M310SSR Victor TIN CAT Live Catch Mouse Trap-2 Pack, Silver


  • There’s no need for poisons or chemicals to get rid of mice
  • The traps are economical and long-lasting
  • They are human and user-friendly
  • They are safe to use around kids and pets
  • The traps are sturdy and durable


  • The vent holds may allow smaller rodents to steal the bait
  • Some mice may escape from the trap

Victor tin cat mouse traps are live catch and release traps available in packs of two. They are silver in color with an attractive, simple design.

They are useful for one-time trapping or you can reuse them if you desire.They are safe around pets and children, and you can opt to dispose of them or reuse them.You never have to touch the mice after you catch them.

Key Features

  • The mousetraps under review are simple and hassle-free. You don’t have to handle, see or kill the mice.
  • They are very reliable, easy to clean and re-set, and they last a long time with care.
  • You simply set the bait, trap the mice and then let them go!
  • The traps are lightweight, weighing less than 4 pounds and measure about 10 inches long.
  • They are humane traps which require no poison or other harmful substances to trap mice.

The Design

Victor tin can mousetraps resemble a metal tin box. There are vent holes close to the opening of the trap for mice to pick up the scent of the bait. The vents also let air in when the mice are inside.

There is a lid that lifts up to set the bait. Inside are two small chambers where the mice crawl through to get to the bait.The base of the trap is metal and can heat up quickly in warm weather.

Setting the Trap

One of the best highlights of Victor tin can mouse trap is the ease of handling the traps. Setting the mouse trap is easier than you think.Place the bait on a piece of stick or toothpick.

Open the lid and set it on the bait base closest to the vent holes.When disposing of the mouse, lift the trap and release it far from the house, or at least 100 feet away.

Clean the Trap

The Victor tin can mousetrap is easy to clean. If you decide to reuse the trap, cleaning after each catch will help maintain the longevity of the trap.

Use gloves and clear away any droppings inside the trap. Mix a bleach or warm soapy water solution in a spray bottle. Hose the inside of the trap and tip it over to let it dry completely.

How Trap Works

There is a metal ramp resting on a point where it pivots inside the holes.  There is also a small metal hinge door near the close to the tip off the ramp.When the mouse crawls inside, it steps onto the metal door and goes on to the ramp.

As the mouse moves past the metal door, the ramp moves downward in a see-saw motion, allowing the metal door to snap shut.While this is happening, the main trap remains open, but the mouse is completely cut off from going back where it started.

As the mouse goes deeper inside the trap, the ramp lifts up again and goes back to its original position while the main door re-opens. The mouse is now trapped inside and can only escape when you release it.

The trap is highly effective at catching mice within the first hour after you set it. It can hold more than one mouse at a time.

You never have to touch or kill the mice.Victor tin cat mouse trap is disposable or reusable and its one of the top rated mouse trap in pest control traps.A little little peanut butter is enough for batting. This live trap is safe for use around children & pets

Final Words

Most Victor tin cat mouse trap display a high level of customer satisfaction of the product.The simple, yet the pleasing design of the trap make handling it a pleasant can get rid of mice easily. There are no harsh chemicals or touching the mice when you catch them.

The trap is affordable and sturdy and will last a long time if you take care of it. Cleaning the trap is convenient, and re-baiting is a cinch.If you prefer a trap that is humane and affordable, the Victor tin cat mouse trap is a strong contender.